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  1. Hey there, I agree on the 2-2-2 method I have used it for ALL recipes. Had no problems. In fact some I liked better when I drank them earlier. :stout: When I first started the only thing that confused me about the 2-2-2 was it should really read 2-4. 2 weeks fermenting, 4 weeks sitting in a dark place carbonating and conditioning.
  2. 'Tis the season for a new round of beer brewers! Welcome to you all!
  3. Well, a year later...still brewing like crazy. (and still thinking about my beer, your beer, youtube beer videos etc...)
  4. I bottled all my beer and then opened the keg to clean it and it was covered in mold from the top of the line up around the hole and even growing on the lid Is the beer no good?
  5. I tried the Bavarian and did not really like...I LOVED the Witty Monk Witbier. Can we get it back?
  6. Since the Witty is out and may not return I am trying the Bavarian. Anyone brew this yet? If so how was it?
  7. Been there. Here is my thread with some great suggestions: http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/257999-oh-no-i-doubles-the-sugar
  8. the Pilothouse was ok. A little to floral tasting for me though. I felt like I was drinking flower petals.
  9. Thanks for all the advice but I dumped them last night. (sigh) I just can't believe I did that and then did it 8 times lol. Ugh.
  10. Yeah I have them in a cooler now, I'm thinking maybe I should just dump them and spare the glass bottle. I'm so bummed I did that. On another note I really need to update my signature to reflect my current beers.
  11. I wasn't thinking and accidentally doubled my sugar for 12oz glass bottles adding 2 scoops of the 3/4 sugar. Should I expect bottle. On a or is it possible to survive? I did 8 of them before it occurred to me. Ugh.
  12. Thanks everyone for the wisdom! I appreciate it.
  13. For the first time I used 3 packets of yeast and a pilot house pilsner. It has fermented for about 3 weeks and it is super cloudy. Looks like a wheat. Lol. I have placed the LBK in the fridge in my first attempt to cold crash. Good idea? Also do you think the extra packet of yeast is what is causing this cloudiness ?
  14. manosteel9423 wrote: livewirecs wrote: I miss my first beers HAHA!! We all miss them when they're gone. They're like our children...that we consume...which is a bit weird. Fortunately, there should be some more on the way, right!? Indeed!
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