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  1. Just finished my keg...Haven't seen many reviews of this one. I thought this was fairly complex tasting beer, with a strong fruity ester followed by a dry, earthy, slightly bitter finish. I also liked it better young. Not sure what my carb level was, but I'd guess "medium". Looked good in a glass... I see it's still available, I will do this one again
  2. Recently started fermenting this one... I am not familiar with the style & am not sure if im going to keg or bottle and was wondering what CO2 level to shoot for???? I'm guessing high like 2.5 -2.8 range???
  3. That is all I've ever done... Usually you get a good mixing when you rack.
  4. Ahtanum @60 minutes 50/50 Centennial and Columbus @ 10 minutes & FO .5 oz addition for LBK batch Shouldn't need any grapefruit zest....
  5. I'm just chomping at the bit for my "New Albion" clone...Only been bottled for 9 days. Will certainly try at 14...My other SMaSH is a Vienna/Simcoe/US05 that has been in a keg for three weeks, but no place to chill to slow-force....
  6. You only spend twenty minutes brewing it??? I spend a whole day doing mine...mine has to be superior!!! Are extract brewers frowned on by the AG brewers??? Or are small batch brewers frowned on by the 5-10 gal brewers??? I think the general feeling comes from how Mr B is presented....the smiling guy on the side saying he made this good beer in two weeks and it was easy sitting on a shelf at a big box store....If that is all they know of Mr. B then they are skeptical...Once they learn its a fermenter and an extract kit then it becomes and issue batch size and extract vs AG...
  7. On the surface....If a LHBS snob's only knowledge of Mr Beer is what he sees sitting on the shelf at Kmart, IE a smiling guy holding a beer that you can make in two weeks...I can see where the attitude is from...Below the surface where we operate...we know the LBK system as something else.... It tells me the LHBS owner/salesperson lacks product knowledge and how can you trust them to be knowledgeable about the product they are trying to sell??? especially in what would be classified as a "specialty shop" Remind me about the last few times car shopping with SWMBO....Wifey spends weeks researching the product she wants...knows features, trim packages, even the goofy color names they come in, safety ratings etc etc. A we browse the car sales guy comes up to me, like I have a clue...I smile, point to wife and say try again...Its funny watching when she knows more than sales person about their product. We have shopped for cars at one dealer, knew the car she wanted was there and ended up at another dealer having them drive and get the same car we looked at at the previous dealer, all on how the salesman treated her. Long story short, know your product, know what you want, know price points...and hopefully you get a sales person that has a clue, so you can TRUST/BELIEVE any product recommendations they make...
  8. Alcoholic birch beer???? Dont know much about it other than my dad let me have a drink off of one when i was a kid...think its a northeast dutch thing????
  9. beerbattereye


    This would be my 2nd "What not to do"...The first was adding a pkg of unsweetened Kool-Aide to my wort(Did condition out a bit) The Next was when I emptied 6 Kuerig packs Of a caramel coffee into my strike water, and made the new MrB Irish Stout....tried the first bottle yesterday, and I hope it will condition out some...It was drinkable, but barely..
  10. Personally I would not take anothers assement of a taste too seriously...add to that the beer is unfinished. Iwouldnt worry about it at all... Unless u tasted it...how do u know for sure what was tasted was fusel alcohol or just hop bitterness????
  11. Ask Questions and be active on this site... Of course patience is they key, and that will come as your pipeline develops...enjoy the ride until then, don't take it too seriously and know the world will not end if you perve a beer or drink it too early(don't make a final judgement on the beer or your abilities on green beer though!!!)
  12. i have one....also waiting on the hellfire front. Anything new??? Are we gonna starting using LDF...
  13. sometimes i like to BREW like a DEMON, then I go on facebook.
  14. Was taken at bottling time...it is just left over bubbles at filling. Anyway I'll post a pic from my latest pour to show it really hasn't cleared.
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