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  1. Thank you for the welcome guys. My first batch has been in the bottle for 1 week now. I'm going to go ahead and try one tonight because this is my first brew. I'll take notes and compare it to the one I'm going to try next week.
  2. Hey all, just want to introduce myself. Living in SoCal, I'm no stranger to good beer but I'm new to homebrewing for myself. I've helped a few friends that brew but that actually kinda turned me off a bit. I think it's just that they have years of experience and it seemed a bit complicated to me when I didn't have the first clue about the process. Anyway, my ma got me a Mr. beer kit for christmas and I put it to use straight away with the High Country Canadian Draft. I think it's a great start because it's so user friendly for the first timer and it's already got me hooked. I just bottled that first batch yesterday and immediately brewed #2 (The WCPA + habaneros). Without getting too long winded, I just want to say that I've found this forum to be extremely helpful with a ton of information and I look forward to having mucho diy beer in my future.
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