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  1. losman26 wrote: Lager time! Are you anywhere near GR? If I was still in MI, I'd be doing nothing but lagers right now. At least you guys have consistent cold temps whereas out in the NE it's in the 50's one day and then drops to 20, then will go to 60, then 30. BTW- Go Lions!!! Not this year, teens one day high 40s the next. This winter is all screwed up. Rick, there is a great LBHS in Taylor if you are anywhere near there.
  2. SmokeDiver3zero wrote: AHHHHHH......FLASHBACK ALERT
  3. LouieMacGoo wrote: Zobl wrote: haerbob3 wrote: Like the spinners going have to make some up water to thin plow and too thick to rink firght so maybe I'll just make beer!! I was thinking the same thing! I read that at least 3 time and it still didn't make sense! Haerbob3 could translate this please? I thought I was the only one confused...
  4. rotating 90 is a great idea...thanks guys. I figured it would be harder than it is to push down the "wings" of the capper.
  5. hi4head wrote: Hi rattlesnake, First - Welcome! When I got my capper, I first tried it on bottles with some water so that I could do a leak test. That should give an indication if they are sealed. Make certain that you have the handles go all the way down. Finally, don't use bottles that had screw off tops. Chris Thanks for the reply, I have no leaks of water, the handles are all the way down and I am using new pry off bottles.
  6. Don't want to seem like a noob, but I am. I bought a red barron capper yesterday and decided to try it out on an empty bottle. My question is.... When I removed the cap it popped of very easy, is this because there is no pressure from the carbonation or did it not crimp tight? It looked right but just popped off very easy.
  7. LouieMacGoo wrote: rattlesnake wrote: Great store and very friendly. They have everything you could possibly need. I was impressed that they did not try to selling me anything I did not want or didn't need. Also told him we were talking about his store on here and got a smile out of him. As I had mentioned I was going to do I did make it to the store on Saturday and ended up spending a good bit of $$$. Since I have a LBK opening up this weekend I think I need to make another trip this coming weekend. Did you buy anything? Yeah I picked up a capper and some caps as I want to do glass when my first batch is done.
  8. Great store and very friendly. They have everything you could possibly need. I was impressed that they did not try to selling me anything I did not want or didn't need. Also told him we were talking about his store on here and got a smile out of him.
  9. Billbofet wrote: Hello all!! I am brand new to the community here and new to home brewing - MR. BEER - specifically. Over two weeks ago I brewed my first kit. I did the standard Pale Ale included with the Mr. Beer kit. I bottled this past Sunday and expect to be tipping them back for a get together with buds on 2/11. I found the process so fun and rewarding that I purchased another kit that includes the Cowboy Lager and Blonde Ale. I brewed the Cowboy Lager last night, but now I'm curious about adding additional ingredients. I just did the standard booster/HME kit. I'm wondering if I can pop the lid and throw a 1/2 cup of honey in there now? Anything else I can add during this stage? I have a crazy idea to possibly add 1 oz. of cascade hops in about a week, let that sit for the final week and then make a "pepper tea extract" from jalapenos that I read another member did by boiling three peppers in 1 1/2 cups of water and adding a little to each during bottling. Am I just way off in thinking this is a good idea? I may just make one or two of the quarts with the pepper mix, but is the hops idea way off as well? Also, I have the Blonda Ale left and I want to brew it as soon as possible to build up my stock. I want to try a recipe of adding 2 lemon and 2 orange zests and a tsp of coriander. Anyone have luck with that? Even on top of all of this, I have sooooo many questions and so much interest that any tips - even unrelated to my questions is much appreciated. I also work less than a mile from a Northern Brewer, so supplies are totally available. Thanks so much in advance. I read several posts today at work and this seems like a very active and helpful community. Bill 2/11!!! You will want to let it stay in the bottle for another 2 weeks... 2 weeks minimum in the lbk and minimum 4 weeks in the bottle then enjoy.
  10. LouieMacGoo wrote: Say hi to Tom and let us know what you think after your visit! Will do
  11. LouieMacGoo wrote: Thanks guys for the suggestions! Always interested in finding new places to spend my beer money! I live in Livonia and The Wine Barrel Plus is right down the street from me on Plymouth Rd. They seem to have a lot but it's hard to get your head around it all since its kind of mixed in with the beer, wine & liquior they sell along with the "hydroponics supplies"! The other LHBS that I've been to is called Adventures in Home Brewing in Taylor on Vanborn just east of Telegraph. Now that place is very nice. The only thing they do is home brewing of beer and wine so they have huge selection of all kinds of brewing related stuff including Mr. Beer supplies. As soon as I walked in Tom came up and introduced himself, gave me a quick look around tour and was very helpful with my questions. I'm actually going back there this weekend to pick up a MB premium kit and maybe some other supplies. If anyone's interested in checking it out let me know and maybe we can meet up! I am going to stop in and check them out on Tuesday, I live in Lapeer and will be traveling through that area then. From their website it looks very nice.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, got one on the way.
  13. Bytor2112 wrote: Like many that are here, I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Since then I have been doing a little reading on here and a good amount of beer making. I also ordered some goodies from the Mr. Beer site, got some really good deals at BB&B and visited the LHBS. I just wanted to make sure I am headed in the right direction... The first recipe I tried was the standard Classic American Blonde Ale with booster. I planned on going with the tried and true 2/2/2 method. I brewed this on 1/4, bottled on 1/18 and it is currently hanging out, carbonating in the closet. I plan on moving it to the fridge on 2/1 and cracking the first one on 2/15. I am new to this but all the reading I have done you want to leave your bottles in the closet until 2/15 at least then put in the fridge for a couple days before cracking. 2/2/2 is all at room tempature.... I am sure others will correct me if im wrong.
  14. Got my first MB kit today!!! I am sure first of many. 7 weeks and I will let you know how it is.
  15. BlackDuck wrote: BisonR wrote: punching the tree-huggers and throwing blood on the PETA activists in my house. You should eat some summer sausage while your drinking your beer from the plastic bottles! :popbeer: Do all the above and move out!!!
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