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  1. So I did a 20 min boil just to try it out. Two questions: 1. The Mr. Beer directions say to stir continually. I did this but is it necessary, a 60 min boil would be painful if so. 2. I added the booster and then did a 20 minute boil, over half of the water evaporated so I added more before adding the UME and HME. Is that OK to do? I returned it to a boil before proceeding.
  2. Texasbrewer0069, What is your favorite Mr. Beer IPA?
  3. Thanks! So when you do a longer boil, say 60 mins for bitterness do you continually hop, or boil the hops together for the entire duration? Does the same go for a 20 minute boil for flavor?
  4. I just bottle my first IPA (Mad Dog) last night and I am ready to brew my second one (Junk Yard). I was slightly disappointed at the hoppiness in my first batch. I followed the directions to a tee, and I may want to deviate on my next batch. It did taste pretty good however and I can't wait till it conditions. The recipe for junk yard calls for Northern Brewer and Centennial pellet hops. The Centennial hops are to be put in the wort after the boil and the Northern Brewer hops call for a five min. boil. Would a ten minute boil increase the hop flavor without increasing the bitterness too much? What are the pros and cons of longer boils. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I want to master the IPA so any suggestions on this style are welcome. Thanks!
  5. I have the picture, just no luck uploading.
  6. There are a lot of bubbles rising in the glass. Is that a sign of young beer?
  7. I just poured my first beer out of my first batch and damn it feels good! It also tastes surprisingly good too. It is cowboy lager. I didn't have high hopes since I opened this one earlier than recommended (2 week fermentation 1 week bottle conditioned) but it turned out ok. I did it as a learning experience and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the batch does with more conditioning time! I started my second batch already and I know this is a new life long obsession! :chug:
  8. I didn't realize it is bad to use the spigot before you bottle. I have been putting a little into a clear glass almost daily just to get to know the process. I understand how that could harbor bacteria. I figured bottling one wasn't a good idea but I am doing it mainly to learn the way timing affects taste. I am writing this batch off as a learning experiment anyhow but who knows maybe it will turn out. I will sanitize the spigot before I bottle the rest. Thanks.
  9. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the quick info. I tried to upload a pic. I re-sized it and changed the file extension and still nothing.It has the cloudiness of a hefeweizen, so I am not too concerned. Oh well, you confirmed what I was thinking so I am going to bottle.
  10. Oh yeah. It is Cowboy Lager and my fermentation room is btw 65 and 68 degrees.
  11. Hello All, I brewed my first batch 15 days ago and I am excited to bottle but I am concerned at how cloudy the beer still is. I understand it won't be perfectly clear but I don't want to rush anything. I have tasted it along the way and it no longer tastes sweet. The keg glows when I shine a flash light on it and no bubbles are present. I bottled one bottle two days ago as a test and the bottle is nice and firm, but there is sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Sorry if this is redundant but I could not find the answer anywhere on older forums. I attached a picture. Any help would be much obliged. Many thanks. Nick
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