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  1. I've had a thermometer in the closet for a few weeks, and it stays between 64 and 68.
  2. How long would you suggest for fermenting at 64-68 deg?
  3. I'm a newbie in New England, and there's no way my house stays consistently over 70 degrees in Feburary. I see that some of the other dry yeasts in the catalog list lower temperature ranges. Will using one of these allow me to ferment in the 64-68 degree range, or do I need to come up with a solution to keep the LBK warmer?
  4. Do I need to worry about odors in the environment where I do my fermenting? I have a closet in the basement, but it smells like the other stuff I keep in there - dog food and dryer sheets. Will this be an issue, or is the LBK a closed system? I don't want any funky stinks poisoning my first batch.
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