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  1. I just finished a Maple Wheat Porter I brewed up. Maple syrup beers are rather popular up in NH. There is a local brewery that adds it to a wheat beer they have and it tastes amazing. If you plan on using it again, I would consider spending the extra money for REAL Maple syrup. It tastes so much better IMHO. Anyways, the brew was only my third brew I made and I had got with the local beer store and put together a recipe using a can of MR. B WWW. According to the Malt to Adjunct ratio this brew was completely blown out of the water heavy on fermentable sugars (based on my understanding of fermentables). It involved steeping grains and a whole bunch of Maple Syrup. I was so worried about this brew. At first taste it was awful, until I cold crashed the keg, and forgot I had left it in the fridge for a week. Second taste, before bottling, was perfect! Its all bottled now, and going to condition for a very long time before tasting, but I do believe its going to turn out alright. Anyways, Maple Syrup leaves that smoky maple flavor and no sweetness as the sugars ferment completely, and fast I may add. You have nothing to lose by using it if you are looking for that outdoorsy maple flavor for your brew.
  2. I wasnt a fan of my WCPA until it aged for 2 months.....It actually almost turned me off to brewing. But I kept at it. That yeasty smell has gone and now its just beer delight! Take a few out ot the fridge and let them condition as long as you can stand it! It will be worth it! Oh and be sure to refrigerate a week or more for even better beer!!!
  3. so I have 1 lbk in the fridge and I'm going to use sanitizer to bottle......can I then use that same sanitizer that I sanitized the bottles with in a second lbk to sanitize for brewing?
  4. @ Kealia. Thanks. I was looking for a good mid range volume level. I Carb/Condition at aroun 63-64 F. I left it for a full month before even opening it. This batch was bottled on Feb 24th! Im of the theory to set it and forget it! Ill check out about a 2.5 for this next bottle. @OikoEco This wheat beer had the same per 12oz (yes glass , no more plastic for me if possible!), but it was priming sugar. Perhaps there is a different make up? Each bottle has been consistently undercarbed! I am going to pop another tonight to check the others, but perhaps I need to use more priming sugar?
  5. Thank you all for your input. I'm going to attempt to not ruin this expensive batch. I was dying to make it and didnt realize the knowledge I lacked until I was already into it. No turining back! This batch will be conditioning for a very long time before being able to drink it!! @ Elsteve-O I am rather certain unless my capper is not working right. @Kealia I will check out that post, Thanks! I prefer a reasonable carb rate but don't know yet what that rate is, so I was hoping for suggestions on numbers. I Carb/Conditioned them in the basement for a month before even putting one in the fridge for 3 days. @OneFatgerman They were all pry off. I have a good source for recycled bottles as well as free beer! Never straight to the fridge to condition. @Dustin I guess I will up my priming sugar and give that a try. @TimeTraveler There was some carbonation slowly coming up through the beer for the duration of the glass that I slowly enjoyed, which surprised me! No head, but prolonged bubbles. The bubbles were few though, as if undercarbed.
  6. So I have a Wacky Concoction of a Maple Wheat Porter (Name to be determined upon tasting, perhaps its not so wacky, but its Partial Grain, lots of Maple syrup, ETC.) cold crashing in the fridge for a week now due to lack of time to bottle. Prior to I had made a simple WWW. Fermented for 3 weeks, Bottled in glass with 1/2 tsp priming sugar, and conditioned for 1 month prior to tasting. Beer was awesome but, (wait for it, wait for it) undercarbed. I need to bottle my Maple Wheat Porter ASAP but am concerned about carbing. Recommendations for a 12oz glass, using priming sugar, at a decent carb rate? The calculators are confusing (somewhat, and I just dont want to get into all of that numbers stuff). My first batch was a WCP in the liter bottles. All but one came out great. (Uncertain as to why one did not carb at all, who knows!)
  7. @Scoots. My cellphone flashlight is the only flashlight that I have in my house that will shine well enough to check on my LBK and I have some professional headlamps and maglites for work. Geez, so much for "professional" lights.
  8. Ive decided to only name brews if they aren't a standard recipe. And when I name them I give them a temporary name until I take the first taste.... I feel like it will choose its own name once sampled.
  9. +1.... @Christina. Your reply CRACKED ME UP!!! Maybe I am too trusting but I thought it legit, just odd that someone might pass up on. Besides, this hobby can be as serious or as simple as you make it. Mr. Beer does sell cider kits. Perhaps you could buy one of those and brew it up in secret and share with your husband down the line. This forum would be very helpful and everyone one here is really nice and eager to help educate, despite some of their harsh comments. In the end it is all meant in fun and the love of the hobby. When he finds out how awesome it is you two could share the hobby together. I got my dad interested by including him in the brewing process and now he asks all the time how the brew is doing. Its also nice to have a second person to tend to the steeping or weighing while you are sanitizing.
  10. craigger64 wrote: You make an EXCELLENT point! We tend to get hung up on numbers. Efficiency, OG, FG, ABV etc. The bottom line is, if it tastes good we've succeeded. I like your attitude about "enjoyability" - this is a hobby, after all, and hobbies are supposed to be fun, right? @Craigger... your reply made me laugh. Some people seem so hung up on calculating and getting numbers right. I cant help but notice when I go to the microbrew store to collect free beer, most of the commercial bottles don't have any info about the beer other than the type. Very few have %ABV and even less have SRM and other details. So if the commercial beers that are in the business don't waste their time to put it on the label, how important is all that information in the whole scope of enjoying the beverage? You either like it, or you don't! Brew what you like, make mistakes, learn. Drink Beer! DONE! What a great hobby! I wish more people would realize this. But to each their own. IMHO. :gulp:
  11. Still waiting to hear why? Welcome to the forum. Perhaps we may convince you, we who have beer. :cheers:
  12. There is so little info on it and TBM people will not even talk about it. I personally don't plan on worrying and go by the motto, if it tastes like beer, its beer. Besides, it was so cheap, who cares if it gets messed up. Waste of time, yes, learning experience, yes. So in the end, beer, and learning.
  13. I had carb issues on my first brew as well. I measured 2tsp into each bottle because I heard that the 2.5 tsp was on the high side so I just pulled that number out of the air. Some bottles were rock hard with slightly bulging caps, others were just hard, and one was rather soft compared to the others. Long story short, I am down to 4 liters left and of the 4 that I have drank, the carb has been fairly consistent. I am a little concerned about the softer one, but I will just have to drink it quick before the carb dissipates. (Hopefully leaving it to condition even longer than 6 weeks might help).
  14. I would refrain from opening them at all. Leave them for 4 weeks from the date of bottling before trying your first one. Once 4 weeks has passed, put a bottle in the fridge for 48hrs to 1 week. You will then find out if you have enough sugar in them. Originally I put only 2 tsp in my Liter PET and it was perfect.
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