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  1. Sorry I meant trub. Thanks bp. Had a brain fart.
  2. Oh I think I had the same issue with my WCPA. Don't worry, you shouldn't have any issues. Taste is going to be the most important aspect. I believe it's krausen sticking to the side of the bottle. You'll be fine. Here's a link to my post when it happened to me. http://community.mrbeer.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=124&func=view&catid=8&id=231818 There are pics that may show the same thing you have.
  3. I've only named one batch(from three) so far. It's called Hagemann's Hefeweizen after my great-grandfather who came to the U.S. from Germany. I plan on naming my beers from now on, unless I use a standard recipe.
  4. magsvmi wrote: Spucky wrote: Beer is all i think about!I have 3 LBKsand am pretty comtable right now keeping them going!Its funny i told my wife and kids all i want for my birthday,fathers day is mr.beer gift certificates!Cheers! I've done exactly the same thing. The birthday is in a couple of weeks and all I'm hoping for are enough gift certificates to feed the habit... That's not a bad idea. My wife usually agonizes over what to get me for my birthday. I think I have some ideas. BTW I'm thinking about brewing more than drinking, but I still enjoy the drinking part :evil:
  5. OK so the "licorice" flavor DID go away. The beer was just green and needed time. I suppose this will teach me to be patient.
  6. Thanx Dave. Those suggestions will help a FNG like me ask more intelligent questions that will help all of you experienced folks not want to drop kick your computer. I may copy and paste this elsewhere so I can reference it when I'm in a panic. Cheers Jeff :evil:
  7. @ bpgreen, yeah I found pop top Grolsch bottles at a local grocery store. I suppose I'll try one of each and see if they carbonate properly. 24 oz. is a small sacrifice for a worthy science experiment MUAH-HA-HA-HA!!! :evil:
  8. Oh yeah. I made sure EVERYTHING was cleaned, my OCD wouldn't let me continue otherwise. No one else noticed it so it may be me being overly critical. I suppose I'll keep checking, somehow I may have gotten some nasties in there. I certainly hope not.
  9. Originally from Auburn NY AKA The Prison City. Currently residing in Mooresville NC AKA Race City USA.
  10. It's on the inside. I noticed it was only on a few of the bottles so it may have been sediment from the last bit I bottled. I tasted one I had in the fridge and it had a black licorice flavor to it. Not real bad but it was there. Other than that the color, clarity, carbonation and overall flavor was OK. I'm kinda assuming they just need more time to condition. The saga continues....
  11. I'm currently using the colonna bench capper(on loan from my brother-in-law). It works incredibly well. I'm short on space and it isn't a hassle at all. I was wondering about capping import bottles. I have some Newcastle and Grolsch bottles I'd like to use but I'm not sure about the caps. I know it's somewhat off topic but do I need different caps or should I just toss the bottles and call it done? I want to make a Northern Brown and experiment with light shock to see how it affects flavor(ala Newcastle) Thanx!
  12. I have plans to purchase more LBK's and eventually move into carboys. My brewing space is limited now but I spent at LEAST 3 hours alone at work yesterday thinking about equipment, recipies and so forth. My brother-in-law and I had a hour and a half conversation about yeast and pitching rates about a week ago. I don't call it obsession, I call it advanced interest! Cheers!
  13. Well they're brown streaks about 1/8" long right under the shoulder of the bottle. I tried to upload pics with no luck. Besides the pics were kinda bad quality. Hard to see brown streaks in a brown bottle in a pic. Gonna check the bottle I cooled when I get home this evening. Here I think I figured out what I did wrong with the pic.
  14. OK so I brewed the WCPA on 1-14-12. Bottled on 1-28-12. Refrigerated one bottle for 24 hours one week in to check and everything seemed OK. I just pulled another bottle to check after two weeks and there is weird streaks on the shoulder of the bottle. It kinda looks like *GASP* mold! I'm going to refrigerate and cross fingers and knock wood but if ANYONE knows about this, the info would be appreciated! Cheers! Jeff
  15. Good question. I was going to use a Munton's or Cooper's kit like a seasonal MrB refill. The amount is about the same(as far as the can) so I'm guessing it should work fine.
  16. Oh yeah the cooler is the way to go. I've been able to maintain around the same temps. Always good to have around.
  17. Sorry mnstarzz, I should have said clean BEFORE baking, had a brain fart I guess. It works really well though, no worries of "bugs" in the bottle.
  18. OK USMCMatt, first off congrats on the expansion of your family. Second, helluva good story. Read through it at work and got some strange looks as I was laughing hysterically. Third, thanx for the link to the LBK mod. I believe I'm going to do the same to mine. Oh, if you're going to bottle with glass bottles, an easy way to sterilize them is to cover to opening with aluminium foil and put them in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Let them cool and they'll be ready to bottle the next batch. Just clean them with a mild non-scented detergent about a day before(or at least enough time to dry). Cheers, Jeff
  19. Yeah I told my Brother-In-Law about this batch, and he assured me that I'd be fine.(He's been homebrewing for 6+ years. He is my homebrew Yoda.) It has let off some fruity odors but I'm not too concerned. The WCPA was in a closet and it filled the whole house up with the odor of fermentation. This batch is in a cooler so I can control the temperature a little better. Our weather won't behave so it's tough. Thanks for the insight to all of you. Cheers!
  20. Oh sorry bpgreen. I was originally going to use a UME but then realized that DME was less expensive at my LHBS. My concern was the ABV being so high. I guess if it tastes good it doesn't matter. Just have to go easy when having a few of those.
  21. OK so I've brewed this batch but I might have goofed! I used Danstar Nottingham Ale yeast instead of Safale US #05. That's ok I think but I did change the UME for HME and used 2 lbs. AND used the Booster. I don't have a hydrometer yet but I used a batch calculator that said the OG was about 1.068 and the ABV% will be about 6.6%. If the taste is ok then it'll be a High Octane Cream Ale hybrid. I know it was fermenting a whole lot more than the WCPA. I guess I'll wait another twelve days and see what I've got and go from there. BTW I bottled the WCPA on Saturday and I sampled the almost finished product. Not bad in my book. Cheers!
  22. Thanks Manowarfan. Yeah I guess I should go with UME and see what happens. The Cream Ale was kind of a guess due to the fact the HCCD is for a lager and I'll be using ale yeast. Thanks for the input and if the Manowar you're a fan of is the band, I'm from they're hometown and have met them a few times. Thanks again!
  23. Hello all. So I've brewed the WCPA that comes with the kit. It's been 10 days, I plan on bottling this weekend. I also bought the two pack with the High Country Candian and the Whispering Wheat in it. I'm going to try the High Country with about 1.25 lbs. of light HME from my local supply store. The light HME comes in a 3.3 lb. can so I figure I'll split it for both batches. I was also going to get Safale US#5 yeast for it. I figure it'll be the equivalent of a Cream Ale. If anyone has tried this I would appriciate any advice or general experience with this particular combo. Thanks. Oh BTW, I don't think I'll use the Booster but I will need a hydrometer so I know how long to ferment this one. Thanks again!
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