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  1. Once again, it's russki to the rescue! Thanks!!!! That vid was great. Tried it out, and no more 15 minute cut-off! I also just now found this tutorial on how to also disable the interlock: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f51/turkey-fryer-burner-timer-interlock-mod-123043/ May give this a try tomorrow after work. If it works, it'll make lighting a ton easier... Johnny
  2. I just purchased the first part of my 'real' brewing setup. The Backyard Classic turkey fryer set from WalMart. Model: TF1008-013305. I ran a test pot of water with it last night, and it worked great, with one minor exception.... It has a 15 minute timer built into the propane line, that shuts off the burner if you let it run down. Anyone here familiar with this rig, and more importantly, how to bypass it?
  3. Thanks for the input, russki! These are 17oz plastic, but if the San Pelegrino worked for you, I would imagine that I should be fairly safe.
  4. I know that you need to use a bottle that has held a carbonated drink, but would that also apply to 'sparkling' water that is carbonated? My mother-in-law drinks these things like crazy, and can have a couple dozen ready for me every other week or so. Thanks in advance! Johnny
  5. highlandmck wrote: had similar problem with irish style stout, Needs longer conditioning time and well wait was hard but worth it. i am talking 8 weeks PLUS Guess I'll let it hibernate a few more weeks...
  6. slykryck wrote: harlock69 wrote: slykryck wrote: When you say "in the house at a constant 72 degrees," is that the ambient air temp? I'm using stick-on aquarium thermometers on the LBK's and they never go above 72. I've added quick thermometers thru the lids of my LBKs so it contacts the liquid and I notice they areusually a degree or two higher that the stick in thermometer. It's possible he temp may be at 74 degrees or so which, depending on the yeast, could be th end of the range for optimal performance.I used the single pack of fromunda yeast.
  7. slykryck wrote: When you say "in the house at a constant 72 degrees," is that the ambient air temp? I'm using stick-on aquarium thermometers on the LBK's and they never go above 72.
  8. I'm running into the same problem today with the Octoberfest Vienna. 2 weeks in the LBK, and as of today, 3 weeks in the bottle. At 1 week bottled, it wasn't too bad. Today (2 weeks later), it was literally undrinkable. Incredibly bitter, and almost cidery...to the point that I spat out what was in my mouth, and dumped the rest of the bottle. The heavy carbonation was expected, as I bottle primed with table sugar to the MrB stats, and have since learned to do otherwise with future batches. Both the fermentation and conditioning have been in the house, at a constant 72 degrees, and in a low-light area with no direct sunlight.
  9. Appreciate the advice, Gluek! Being that I'm only working on my 4th batch, I'm not really worried. There's so much reading and experimenting ahead, I don't think I'll be getting bored anytime soon!
  10. Thanks for the input! I'll definitely purchase more appropriate yeasts with my next refill kits, and start reading up on going the grain rout. Johnny
  11. I'm glad I found this thread! Was starting to think my taste buds had started going south. Using bottled spring water, proper cleaning/sanitation, and the 2/2/2 method, I'm finding no discernible taste difference between any of the 3 different batches that I've made so far. For lack of a better description, they have all tasted like over-carbonated, weak Bud. All have been made with the single yeast pack included under the lid. For the pros here, these are the 3 flavors I've made to date: West Coast Pale Ale Octoberfest Vienna Whispering Wheat I'm going to let the OFV and WWW sit in the dark for another week or two, and try a bottle of each again, to see if that might make a difference. I've currently got a batch of High Country almost ready for bottling, and am not really looking forward to yet another 2 gallons of the same stuff. Should I try different yeasts with these refill kits for better flavors? Johnny
  12. Bankey wrote: @Billbofet For what it's worth, my WCPA was wimpy, cidery, and headless as the horseman after 2 weeks of carbing. Two week of conditioning made a DRAMATIC difference in my beer - now it has head and tastes just like beer ought to! My advice is to let those puppies age a couple of weeks. Agreed! I'm currently drinking my first batch (WCPA), and after a 2 week ferment, 2 week carb, and now into the 2nd week in the fridge, it's JUST starting to mellow out.
  13. Brewish wrote: Good luck to you both!!! Don't give up on the brew. Think of it as another piece of the "handmade" goodness that you will be able to enjoy in short time! Love it!!!! :laugh:
  14. I went ahead and did the 'sanitized swim' to tighten the nut. I was surprised at how loose it was. Got almost a full turn on it! So far, so good. We'll find out in a few weeks..... Thanks for the suggestions, and also for the welcome! Johnny
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