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  1. Jim , some times you need a fourth to do a true lager !!
  2. Starsan on foil and wrap the tops with the foil as Dag and Tabasco said and you should be fine for a day or 2 if more then resanitize. Better safe than wasting a batch for no good reason.
  3. Home brewer , welcome to the obsession ! You will be assimilated ! Advice, read YD 's sticky for new brewers. Ask plenty of questions ...we are here to help. And most of all RDWHAHB !
  4. Oh heavens to Betsy , Raw Sugar ? Sorry , I use it to bottle every batch. You will be fine RDWHAHB !!!
  5. You could also try the back issues of Brewing Techniques on the More Beer website.
  6. Monk you are probably OK. I use ice bottles and the cooler method. BUT , 85 in Oct ? Yep here in Clearwater Fl we are still pushing 90 ! Got a 5 gal AG Blonde recipe in the cooler and the temp is only 65* .
  7. MrBeer uses an Ale yeast which ferments at 62* . So their Lager time is meant to be at room temp. If you want a true lager then use S-23 which ferments at 52* for primary temp but then after D-Rest you drop the temp to 36* for 3-6 weeks .Sorry....... I'm hooked on lagering !!!!
  8. Red Palmers " How To Brew ' (online) . He has a section on this topic.
  9. I have sealed my leftover in a ziplock , store in the freezer , and rehydrate b4 using and have had good success with 04,05,and Notty after 4-5 weeks.
  10. Josh, smell, hydro readings, UHHHHH taste? Looks like maybe lid was not on properly and something got in the LBK . I would put some away for a long time b4 I would crack one open.
  11. Blacksmith, as a VERY wise one said to me .......Welcome to the Obsession !
  12. LordVader not to be out of sorts , but , are you sure that it is not just you? Not trying to be a smartass . I do mainly AG and have not tried those yet . Just sayin , let some different people try b4 you get a bad feeling. But, yes , impatience is you worst enemy!! I know from experience!! Let it sit for a couple of EXTRA weeks , and then try . Might mellow out some.
  13. Sorry Clyde, Spucky please let me rephrase . Package properly and send to YankeeDag when he gets Downunder ! Lord knows after going through customs he will probably need them !!
  14. Dang Joe. I thought I had a few too dang many !!! Then I read Dags post and was sure I did. !!! HAHA
  15. K. You didn't screw up. Test b4 you pitch yeast. As far as this batch......LetIt Ride !!! You will make beer . If you have 1/4 in trub on bottom you are probably ok. Hydro test at 2 weeks then at 16 days . If the FG is in range then bottle and check at 4 weeks.
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