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  1. Talisker18, I made the same mistake on a Scottish Wee Heavy that I got up to 9.7%. After 3 weeks fermentation and 4 weeks carb and conditioning it tasted like medicine with a good kick. After 3 months its still has a medicinal taste and the kick is still there but its tolerable and I can get 1 down. So I buried the rest of the bottles in the beer room and am determined not to touch them for a year. It will be exciting to see how they end up and I'm optimistic. This is a great hobby. :chug:
  2. Abqu said But if you're going solely off of the MrB product page, with a target OG of 1.063 and a FG of 1.006, that's nearly 90% attenuation, which is pretty crazy. I had an OG of 1.067 and using only half the T-58 yeast my FG was 1.01 or 7.4% ABV. I added 1 teaspoon of honey after 14 days and it fermented at room temperature the whole 3 weeks, which this time of the year is 69-71 degrees. Also as part of my standard practice for every beer I make I dip a toothpick in pure olive oil and then after it drains I swish it in my wort. I read about that here many months ago and now incorporate that as part of my SOP. So I was pretty close to achieving what MrBeer claimed. I can't account for the wide range of results posted here by others. I had my 3rd bottle after conditioning for 3 weeks and its better than at week 1 and 2. It is a very pleasant beer and I would buy it again if it were to become a standard offering but it would have to be priced at the $15-16 range.
  3. This is a seasonal beer and is designed to be fermented in 1 LBK sized batch. The 3.75 pound non-MrBeer sized Cooper's HME are formulated and condensed to make a 5-6 gallon batch when combined with 2 kilos of sugar. If you added 2 kilos of additional fermentables to these cans they would weight around 6-8 pounds or more. So it's not the weight of the HME that determines the end volume of beer but the amount of fementable ingredients and how much its been condensed.
  4. You may have overtightened the spigot nut and crafted the spigot where it enters the keg. This is a known problem and you should contact mrbeer for a replacement. Do a search on this site and you will see many posts about this issue. I would not risk another batch without replacement of the spigot.
  5. You can use the whole package for one vy and use at least four grams of another yeast for the other Lbk.
  6. PatBattle, Good observation. I wasn't aware of the prevalent use of POR hops in ALL of the Cooper's beers. While I'm still an extract brewer I have branched out to using HME's from other suppliers or creating my own recipes with LME, DME and my own hop additions.
  7. brewerjason, I do this a lot. I buy a 5-6 gallon refill and split it to LBK's but not necessarily at the same time. I measure out what I need for 1 LBK sized batch and then spread a little vodka on the remaining HME, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in refrigerator. It will last with no problems for months. This way I'm not committed to drinking 2 cases of a the same beer and based on the results of the first batch I can make adjustments to the recipe for the second batch. Like changing the yeast to see what impact that has or adding some hops for aroma or taste. Splitting a larger kit is more cost effective and gives you a lot of flexibility.
  8. The grove is correct and I missed the $50 dollar part. Big miss. MrBeer did nothing wrong.
  9. I tried to place an order and take advantage of the free shipping but I keep getting a message that "VETERANFS" is not valid. Damn I hate some web sites. :smash: :smash: :smash:
  10. Franklin Brewer said I use mr. Beer recommended amounts and yes I know the consensus on here is that is too much. I always ferment for three weeks. I was just curious if anybody else had noticed that the 1/2 liter pet bottles seemed to bulge worse than the liter bottles. Yes I've had the same issue with the half liter MrBeer PET bottles and stopped using them. I now use green 7 Up bottles which never bulge at the bottom. I posted about this issue a while back. I don't over prime these and its just a design issue in my opinion. :shoot:
  11. Hey Joe, I've done this a couple of times when I wasn't sure that the yeast survived due to high ABV. Worked like a charm, no change in taste and no bottle bombs either. I used some TBM or fromunda and just added a few grains with the priming sugar to each bottle. Just some extra insurance since it pretty disappointing to uncap a nice beer and hear no fizz and have no head. That's a real bummer. :pound:
  12. Kealia said: MrB has a pretty stellar track record with seasonals up until now Unfortunately this is not the same MrBeer that had that track record. It's new management and they have made wholesale changes to all the refills. Just be wary that you don't cut off your nose to spite your face. I don't think I'll regret passing on additional seasonal recipes or on any of the new Cooper MrBeer refills in general. Those that I've tried have been underwhelming at best considering the price. I don't feel like I'm alone in that assessment based on what I've read here over the last year. I will continue to use the Cooper's HME 3.75 pound cans as they cost as much as a LBK size CMB refill while making twice as much beer and they produce a beer of much better quality IMHO. There are just too many other options available to us small batch brewers to get locked into one companies product. Again my comments concerning my experience with this refill are based on my tastes. Others may find this seasonal to be a superior beer and that would be fine. It's just not what I expected it to be. :cheers:
  13. I fermented for 23 day's then bottled and let them carb for 9 day's and had to try one. Really disappointed with this expensive refill. OG was 1.067 and finished at 1.01 so it wasn't sweet and the only hop flavor or aroma was from the cascade that I dry hopped with. The taste is smooth and pleasant with no bitterness. It almost tastes like a light beer considering the ABV I'm surprised by that. I can't imagine that additional time conditioning this beer will make it better so I'll just load some in the fridge and enjoy it. All in all it's an expensive session/lawnmower beer for the summer. I'll pass on future seasonal refills.
  14. Sure there is a good chance as long as its carbed. There is no harm in trying 1, 2 or more at different times in the carbing and conditioning stage of the process. I've had good, not great, beer after 10 days fermenting and 7 days carbing. The simpler the beer the less conditioning time it needs. So pop a couple in the fridge and try them. :gulp:
  15. Sorry about that but 2.25 gallon is what I use.
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