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  1. Just bottled a Witbier this weekend (Whispering, Golden combo with Wyeast Witbier...added corriander, clove and clementine peel). Tastes awesome after 3 weeks in the keg. Bottled in 12 oz. glass. So I am confused as to lagering/conditioning. The beer fermented at 66-68 degrees and I have it conditioning at that temp. Should I be moving the bottles into my minifridge for a colder temp? Should I do that now or after carbonation is done? How long should I wait to drink this beauty? All your tips are appreciated...starting to get the slow hang of all of this.
  2. Pretty sure the caps are all tight. This was the first time I used the dextrose. When I did the Cowboy Lager it ended up fine but I used table sugar. I let it ferment for 3 weeks as well and it tasted good and flat when I bottled. The very small krausen made me suspect of the yeast, but maybe the dextrose is no good either. Just want to get it right because I am set to bottle a Shameless Stout and Witbier in the next week and don't want those to fall flat...used Safale and Wyeast for each of those and they were VERY active in the keg, so I think the yeast is good with those. Might bottle half of each batch with dextrose and other half with table sugar and check difference.
  3. Brewed the American Ale as my second batch. Only used the one yeast packet and didnt see much action. Bottled with dextrose four weeks ago (3/4 tsp per 16 oz bottle). Popped one in the fridge and tried it and there was no fizz pop when I opened, no head, and very little carbonation. Anyway to save this or is it a lost batch?
  4. Still getting the hang of this, batch #4 this weekend was my attempt at a Witbier. Used the Whispering Wheat and Golden Wheat combo, got some nice orange peel, corriander, and clove and decided to use Belgian Witbier Liquid Yeast from Wyeast. Wasn't sure how much to use, so used the whole package. So the reaction has been incredible in the LBK, so much so that after 18 hours I checked on the keg and it had erupted out of the top of the lid with a yeasty/bread like material that ran down the sides. Is this normal or a sign that I put too much yeast in the wort? The thing is bubbling like a chemistry set which I think is good, but wasn't expecting the pasty bread like discharge (can I get a shot of penicillin over here! ) At any rate, wiped down the LBK with a warm rag and unscrewed the cap to release some pressure. Should I be taking lid off and cleaning the rim of the lid to make sure it is venting? Thanks.
  5. Greetings all! Venturing into the brew world...today LBK, tomorrow the world! Had a bunch of questions and some recipe questions. Any help would be appreciated. Going to vertical taste my Cowboy Lager this weekend...may have messed it up by using reverse osmosis water. Bottling Blond Ale this weekend, was much more intentional. 3 weeks in LBK at 66-64 degree temps. Bottling in half liter PETs using corn sugar...3/4 tablespoon I think is enough? Thrown off today reading that I should be using more than one yeast packet. Going to remedy that with next batch: Shameless Stout: Is there a better yeast to use with this than what it comes with? Going to go with using some dark brown sugar with this recipe. Any other good tweeks? Ferment time about 4 weeks and then lager for 3 months. Going to go glass bottles with this batch. Finally, want to get a head start on some beers for summer and early fall. I love malty beers. Was thinking of going Defib Dopplebock for November. Anyone have a great Oktoberfest recipe? Nice Shandy style for summer or Witbier? Thanks in advance for any help. It is all too exciting so far and my wife is already eying the credit card to make sure I don't rack the big bills! -iowabeerguy
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