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  1. [attachment=14369]Floaties_2013-07-25.jpg[/attachment] Yep, it happens and nothing is wrong with the brew.
  2. Yes, wait a couple of days. Not all yeasts take off quickly and some do not produce much krausen. That doesn't mean they aren't working. Check the bottom of the LBK for trub. If there is trub, the yeasties are doing their thing.
  3. On the other hand, the Big Boys (BMC) don't make very good beers! They are lagers for the most part and do not make many ales - which have greater variety of forms and flavors. There is something to be said for not force carbing. Let the brews carb and condition on their own terms.
  4. With this heat wave, be careful with your LBKs and brews. I'd have to agree that the sun probably caused the warping of the LBK as the warm water. It is good to keep some reusable ice packs around for these types of days to keep the LBKs full of good brew cool, too.
  5. Zounds! What a way to kill all the brain cells! What was your ABV on that one?
  6. A lime wedge might also help it out. Why do you think they put one in Corona! Its the only way you will taste any kind of flavor.
  7. It should be ready. You will always remember your first born brew, however it turns out. :cheers:
  8. Another factor to consider is how much water you add to the LBK. If you use water over the mark on the LBK, that will thin the brew out some and drop the hydrometer reading.
  9. [attachment=14214]hopping02_2013-07-13.gif[/attachment] Hoppis are strange creatures. Be carefuls of the mesh or hole sizes in the bagsis and balls.
  10. Bless you my son! Your conversion will only bring you saintly brews. I gave up on PET bottles as well. They deform and make it difficult to get good seals, even with new caps. I have only used 12 ozers, though. I am happy with them. I usually get 20 clear bottles and 2 to 3 trub bottles out of a LBK batch.
  11. It varies by brew. I just made an Octoberfest with it and there was krausen on the day after I brewed it, but a lot of krausen on the second day after brewing. That does not mean you will have the same results since I was not using a Mr. B Octoberfest. I used a Munich malt and a hop boil.
  12. You are not going to lose much water when steeping since it isn't hot enough to drive out lots of moisture. Steeping should be done circa 140-150 F. If you are planning a boil after steeping, you may need more water. Boiling will quickly drive off water. Steeping for a LBK needs only about 3 quarts of water at most. For a 0.25 lb steep of Carapils and nothing else, I use only 2 quarts.
  13. Does anyone have any idea about combining one of the new Standard Series - Octoberfest Lager and one of the old Octoberfest Vienna Lager??? OMG - that is like mixing matter and antimatter. They will not explode if left alone. You just may end up with a decent Octoberfest by the end of September if you brew it immediately, though.
  14. You will have beer. Just share it with the rest of us! :laugh:
  15. I do not recommend going commando if you use a bottling wand. It will clog. I use a hop sack. However, for those who do go commando: [attachment=14175]Commando04.jpg[/attachment]
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