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  1. I didn't have the bottles so I used Dr. Pepper bottles. They've been sitting at room temp for 2 days. Probably put them in the fridge tomorrow.
  2. Can't believe at nearly 3 weeks into fermentation, I just realized I ddin't add the booster to the Hacked Rootbeer. Guess I'll be drinking it at 3% or whatever it is.
  3. What about keeping the yeast in the fridge until ready to use?
  4. I haven't made the hacked rootbeer yet since I've got a bunch of old stock I need to use first. But I've made some stuff in the past using Dr. Pepper bottles that got rock hard, they never exploded, but were really hard and gushed upon opening. Once I use my old stock, I'll be making the hard rootbeer with coke bottles.
  5. I've done the apple/cherry cider before. From what I can remember, little to no cherry flavor made it through the fermentation. I read somewhere that you can flavor it with kool-aid packets, but haven't tried it. I've also made cider with a pound of dme added to it and beer yeast instead of wine yeast to try and make it a little sweeter. This was years ago when I was experimenting and making more than I am now. One bottle of just plain apple cider, I put in some cinnamon and it turned out great.
  6. Why should you not use distilled?
  7. ba1980


    I don't know what is in that Maudite, but I had an allergic reaction to it.
  8. I used a quarter of that bottle of the cherry extract in my last batch along with one can of tart cherries in water and it turned out great. It was an old recipe using old Mr. B extract. I have quite the stockpile from a sale a few years back and then a few years without hardly brewing shortly after the sale.
  9. Dang, I've been using distilled for my last few batches without "adding" anything back in. 1 batch was terrible, the other was ok.
  10. I don't remember mine coming with an o-ring. If it did I've lost it over the years. Can anyone tell me what size it might be?
  11. I find the small auto siphon is just right for Mr B kegs. Used it a couple of times when I had a lot of trub (pumpkin beer).
  12. Have no idea about using extract. I'd say it would be worth a try. The one time I made a pumpkin beer with puree, I ended up only getting about 1 gallon or 1.5 gallons of beer out of it due to the trub/pumpkin puree being so thick. I used nearly a whole 22oz can (probably 18oz). It was very pumpkiny though. I didn't use any spices as I don't care for those. I'm going to have to look for extract here as I'd like to try it. Might try it in food first to see what the flavor is like.
  13. I made an apple cider and the FG went below 1.000. How would I figure the ABV?
  14. I make a gallon batch when I start a recipe, store it in a gallon jug while the beer is fermenting for 3 weeks, then use it to sanitize everything at bottling. Dump it after I'm done since I don't brew for a couple of months after that. I usually do at least 2 batches at the same time since my ice chest will hold two LBK's. Sometimes I will do 3 if I'm also making cider.
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