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  1. it does get spendy.after buying hops and some dried malt etc. but like any enjoyable hobby its worth it.
  2. just curious why these new all malt refills only 3.7? i guess it doesnt matter, im going to drink it anyway regardless.
  3. all of the standard batches ive made have tasted similar,if i tried them before 2 months in the bottle.but any of them i waited on have turned out ok.def drinkable.so i just smile and do just that.
  4. the lbhs here actually carries mr beer products.always have more than a few deluxe and premium refills on hand.the owner will also order what ever i am looking for. of course every time i go in there he trys to sell me a 5-gallon kit. overall though they are very helpfull and not anti mr beer.
  5. i just started in dec as well. it didnt take long to round up 4 lbk's and submit a montly order for supplies.and to think....this is only the beginning of the fun.
  6. i experienced same thing on my first taste of wcpa.its nice to know it will go away.im def going to do my next batches all malt.
  7. i tried my first yesterday as well. i am giants fan ,so the slight cidery after taste did not bother me.plus i know that will work itself out, but for first taste of first batch. i really couldnt complain.lol, i guess it was better than drinking all those beers i saw in commercials last night.
  8. i am also running it up the flag pole on super bowl sunday.after that prob wont try another one for 2 weeks.on sunday,it will have just been in bottles for a little over 4 weeks with only 2 weeks in lbk. wish i had let it sit another week fermenting but i guess 1st batch mistakes are to be expected.enjoy your beer!
  9. hello fellow beer lovers.i am very new to the passion.currently on 2nd week of conditioning the wcpa that came with the kit.also gotta st pats starting 2nd week of fermenting. i cant really think of anything to ask about right now but it is assuring to know where there is a ton of knowledge when i need it.have a good one guys and gals.
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