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  1. This is making my head hurt. It's "Trub" :pound:
  2. I've been able to get the cider smell out of my keg and bottles but the root beer odor lasts forever (although I've never used a keg for root beer). An Oxyclean soak helped the bottles but it it didn't cure it. And if you're using plastic bottles, the smell will never go away.
  3. Thanks everybody. I'm all but certain that LED lights (I actually use my cell phone flashlight) emit light of only one wavelength so there shouldn't be any UV involved. I'm probably good. Perv on!
  4. Don't ask me my but I crack open my closet and shine a flashlight into my LBK daily. I've read discussions about light somehow damaging the batch. Am I damaging my brews with my obsessive behavior?
  5. Best post I've ever read on here. Thanks for bringing it back. I could barely read it without crying with laughter.
  6. You can see in the date photo that the last two letters of "Best" have worn off. This is because the bottom has swollen just enough to make the center of the bottom rub when it's sitting down. I'm not sure if this is a deal-breaker though.
  7. What would this HME taste like if I used it?
  8. Seems to have gone well though I can't say my wife cared for the smell. As soon as I started though I began to wonder about the sack I had the hops in. They were rather bunched up and I'm wondering if in the future I should leave enough room in the sack for them to stay loose. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks all! I'm about to begin. Wish me luck.
  10. Do I leave them in the wort and pour the whole mess into the LBK? Or do I retrieve them from the wort first? This will be my first try at a hops boil and I don't want to make a stupid mistake.
  11. Thanks man. No replies but some of us do read and are curious. Keep it up. Cheers!
  12. Well maybe I'll shoot for a boil in that 30 minutes area to balance flavor and bitterness. Thanks!
  13. I was going to start a new thread but it seems like I can piggyback here. Let's say I add a can of UME or a pound of DME in place of booster. Most seem to think that the hop flavor balance wouldn't be too thrown off but what if I do want to do a hop boil, am I aiming for hop flavor or bitterness? I'm assuming the bitterness is what would be missing and I'd need a 60 minute-ish boil to get the balance back. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong, or if I should do a 15 and 60 min boil to get both flavor and bitterness? Thanks!
  14. haerbob3 wrote: I am telling you that the end result is better using boiled sap. Do what you want it is your beer I for one appreciated the sap idea, Haerbob3. Thank you.
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