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  1. What if I try to make the Belgian Blanc recipe and just modify it a bit. Is this reasonable to think I could do this? If so, anyone wanna give me some advice on what to use?
  2. Thanks for the info..so I looked at the recipe for 3 Spice Lemon Weiz and lets say I want to make that..it calls for two cans of Whispering Wheat. Why? Also, I read the instructions and understand "when" and "how much" of the of the spices to add..but I hear people talking about a muslin bag, however this recipe appears to just "add" them to the boil at the end. Whats the difference?
  3. Hi all, new here..So I've read many of the past postings and information on my question, but just too much of a newb to make much sense of it. I'll try to phrase my questions right..=)..So I bought this Whispering Wheat refill with the intention of making a Blue Moon type deal..I'm not good enough to make it perfect, not my intent. Just close. So I found a recipe for Belgian Blanc in the book that came with my kit, but it doesn't say WHEN to add hops, coriander, etc...or how!?..Also, it calls out TWO cans of Whispering Wheat, not sure why. I have one. So I am looking for a recipe that is super simple for this newb, that uses Whispering Wheat, and provides an "order of operations" so to speak. Again, just CLOSE to being Blue Moonish, I'm not that good yet!...Thanks for reading, any help appreciated!
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