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  1. I currently reside in "a whale's vagina." :dry: (Anchorman reference)
  2. Most, including me, recommend 3 weeks in the LBK, then 4 weeks in the bottle before the first taste test.
  3. Another "anti-Facebooker" here. Perhaps Mr. Beer will provide a web link for the non-Facebooking borg to enter the contest. Hint-hint!
  4. Yeah, somewhere between the third and fourth month was when it really tasted great to me. Unfortunately, they didn't last much longer... I enjoyed them too much to see how they tasted with longer conditioning. :stout:
  5. "piscator" post=293345 said:This is what I'm going to miss the most. It's based on Bewitched Red Ale and there is NO replacement in the Cooper's line up. It's super-smooth, good nose, great flavor, and nice butterscotch finish. Yummy: :gulp: Agreed! So sad. SWH was the very first batch of homebrew I ever made... and it's still my absolute favorite.
  6. "unkyjack" post=285249 said:... at a class at the LHBS one of the owners mentioned that customers have been complaining recently about Sam Adams bottles not sealing properly and leaking air. He's probably just trying to sell more bottles from his store. :dry:
  7. Thanx everyone... I appreciate the replies! :cheers:
  8. I'll be filling 12 ounce glass bottles and using a wing capper for the first time this weekend and I'd like to benefit from the more experienced/expert opinions. Common sense tells me to sanitize them all and add the priming sugar to each bottle in advance, to save time and avoid confusion or mistakes. My question is: should I cap each bottle individually as it is filled or should I bottle the whole batch and then cap all the bottles at once in an assembly line manner? The first option helps avoid spills and contamination, but involves a lot of starting and stopping the flow of beer. The second option saves time and effort, but leaves the bottles open to the air for a little while. Which method does the borg recommend? I appreciate your input!
  9. Jeff, Mr. Beer's 3 Spice Lemon Weiz recipe contains nutmeg, cinnamon, and crushed coriander. According to the instructions page, you just throw the spices in commando-style once the water boils, stir well, remove from heat, and then add the HME and lemon juice. Nothing about hop sacks or straining. Your nutmeg should settle into the trub during fermentation. The cinnamon sticks may stay floating, I don't know. If you ferment for a full three weeks, the nutmeg debris should drop out almost completely leaving the infused flavor behind. Prop the front of the LBK up with a CD case or two to help keep the spigot clear, or just use an auto-siphon when you're ready to bottle. Some feel that you get better flavor transfer by going commando. If it's all bunched up in a hop sack, the spices are confined to just a portion of the LBK. Kinda like when you let a tea bag just sit in a large glass of water... you can see that it's darker close to the tea bag and the water's nearly clear up at the top of the glass. Unless you stir your beer (which we don't want to do), the spice flavor may not be evenly balanced throughout the LBK. Again, that's what some of us believe... others disagree.
  10. Gimme a break... I'm not that great with computers. I'm TRYING to get the link thing right. Check back in a few minutes! . FINALLY... geez that shouldn't have been so difficult! I really need to take some computer classes. :dry:
  11. "ba1980" post=272265 said:I'm using it with plastic bottles and they don't seem to fit on the vinator that well, but I make them work. They tend to slip off. Watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgHl9MxP_eQ&feature=related
  12. "Rayyankee" post=271039 said:I too am a big fan of witty monk. Unfortunatly it is no longer available You can still find it... you just gotta know where to look!
  13. That was a very tasty beer! :gulp: I didn't taste so much as a hint of the butterscotch schnapps though... you may want to add another tablespoon or so if you're wanting that flavor in your brew.
  14. "jhnh1010" post=270183 said:I was thinking more along the lines of a beer your almost ashamed to tell your friends you like. I hate to admit it... but in high school, I developed a fondness for Mickey's Malt Liquor in the big mouth bottles. I still buy an eight pack every now and then.
  15. Nah, I'm with you Joe. It's one of the reasons I've really jumped into this hobby... I can make good tasting beer with some substance and not have to drink that mass produced ilk. If friends want light, watered down beer... buy 'em a case o' Coors. It's not worth wasting the time, effort, ingredients, and fermenter space to make half-assed beer. I got an idea: only pour half a glass of your homebrew, then fill the glass the rest of the way with water. See how they like that! :evil:
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