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  1. Vinator and star san for sure. Whenever my dishwasher is empty I run a load of bottles on sanitize and then put them away in an empty case in my house. When I`m ready I do pretty much what Dave does and sanitize them whille the bottling bucket is filling.Great investment
  2. aces 2


    Its a glass 5 gallon carboy. I think I should skip the oak too, just brew it as is.
  3. Got a Barleywine kit for fathers day and will be brewing it this weekend. Planning on a 2-3 week primary followed by a secondary till mid October and then bottle.I was thinking of adding bourbon soaked oak chips but not sure of how much and when to add them. Its a 5 gallon kit with a projected abv of 8.6. Thanks
  4. Not to sound like Columbo but I have "1 more question" Could I do the mash in a cooler to help hold temp better,then transfer the wort to the boil pot and do the sparge at that point? Thanks
  5. HELLO all grain ! Thanks Russki for the advice. Time to move operations to the garage
  6. Let me get this sraight. If I get an all grain kit ,mash it in my boil pot (7.5) at the required temp and water volumn for the required time then remove the bag, place in a colonder and sparge until my desired full boil is reached and then go from there? Sorry for the long sentance
  7. Thanks for all the great ideas. I think I will try a few partial mashes this fall and mabye a 3 gallon BIAB to try to get the feel of things. Also need to start kegging. Cheers
  8. Thanks guys.I steep grains now but dont do full boils so that will be up next. Gotta get a wort chiller for sure. Would a 3 gallon BIAB be a worthwhile shot since I have everything I need for that ?
  9. I have done about 20 5 gallon batches so far. I really enjoy the process as well as the beer I make.I`ve gotten the high gravity/mad scientist out of my system and now just want to make really great beer. I know the next step is all grain but I would like to try and get the extract method as close to perfect as I can before I move on. I still have to do lagers and just started using liquid yeast. What suggestions or tips do you all have to make the best extract beer possible.Thanks, Barry
  10. aces 2

    Rum Beer?

    I made a wee heavy a few months ago and added 1 oz of oak chips soaked in about 3 oz rum to secondary for 2 weeks. Turned out great. Kinda like Innis N Gunn`s rum oaked beer
  11. Since I have had sucess now with liquid yeast and harvesting it( thanks to alot of advice here) I would like to use some wyeast 1084 for the following. First brew a cream stout around 1.045 then harvest and use about 2/3 of it on a robust porter of about 1.060 then harvest and use all of it on a barleywine of about 1.090. Would this work or should I just stick to 2 times ? Thanks as always.
  12. After 20 batches I am finally going to try liquid yeast. I ordered a Altbier and Wyeast German ale 1007. I would like to re-use the yeast once after washing a bit but have no idea what other styles it would work on. Any advice would be great. Thanks, Barry
  13. Thanks, Will pull them out after the boil
  14. Recently I have started putting my hop additions in hop sacks and throwing them into the boil to try to kep some of the sediment down. I have been adding them to the primary as well and was wondering if I should be taking them out after the boil. Thanks, Barry
  15. I thought about maple chips too. Saw them at bbq places. Just looking for a chip that can absorb the maple liquor.The company ages it in old Makers Mark barrels 3 times and then sells the barrels.Thanks for the replies.
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