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  1. I have officially tried the Hennepin......All I can say is pass me another cause that went down super smooth!!
  2. Ok somehow someway this is going well! Call it dumb luck! The only off thing I can see or taste....Is its a tad bitter! I bottled it up yesterday and got 12 20 oz. bottles conditioning! Other than the slight bitterness to it I am really looking forward to this beastie! It finished out at 1.01! I also wanted to go a little off topic that I managed to create a better system for this! I got a 2 gallon cooler and modified it! And I would say from a green point of view that my brewhaus efficiency has gotten better. I managed to do 2 brews through it and my second one was way more efficient than my first!Granted they were 1 gallon batches,but I now have a little better grasp on whats going on and how to do it better! I still need a mill!
  3. First off, CJ I think that head will keep any and just about all the baddies out! Second I just put in my 3rd bottle to try out this week! I have quite a pipeline going now since I did this brew! Ridiculous! I'm loving it!!
  4. Sounds good Rick! I'm going to try my 2nd brew tuesday, that has been bottle conditioning for 4 weeks now! I'm excited!!!
  5. Yeah,another 2 weeks maybe....I don't know that was pretty good! Sitting here thinking about it makes my mouth water and my head begin to float! I can definitely see a 5 Gallon batch in the future! Edit: I wonder if you could sub the cranberries for strawberries? Would have to do a small batch as a test to see if it was worth it! Any thoughts are welcome!
  6. Had my first bottle last night after 2 weeks conditioning. Awesome,knocked my socks off! I slept like a baby! It was cidery and a little sweet! This one has carbed well, it fizzled until it was gone! Rather impressed with that! I could smell the orange in it, and some spice, and of course the alcohol,but it wasnt detering and it was rather light! I will try another in 2 weeks and see where this bugger is!
  7. I have been holding my head in shame since! I think the best thing I could do at this point is quit worrying! Learn more and incorporate it into my next batch!
  8. I did not boil the hops with the grains! I had my water up to 157F,poured in grains, at which time the temp dropped to 143F! I can say,in hindsight,I could have allowed the water to warm up a couple of degrees,warm mash a couple of degrees and let it be. Checking temps every 15 minutes or so to make sure that huge changes in temps were not occurring and allowing for small warm ups if needed! My temps were warmer than I wanted! Or should have been! I went into this knowing i was going to make mistakes and learning many lessons! That is overall what I wanted and to make a good brew! I may have failed at the brew,but,I did not fail in learning lessons and gaining knowledge! I can read alot and have a good idea of how things work,but,I like to get my hands dirty and learn that way! I hope i didn't upset everyone with my newbie learning experience! I can hear alot of forhead smacking and a Gibbs smack to the back of the head!(NCIS thing) I have big shoulders so any coaching anyone has I welcome it! And Mashai,I appreciate your questioning attitude!I am not good at note taking,I can tell you however, I did make a note of the last 7 minutes with temps at 173F! Too high I know! Oh and for the wort boil,that was a 90 minute boil with with maltodextrin added at beginning,hop additions at 30 minutes and 15 minutes till end of boil! At which point I pulled the hops!
  9. I did leave the heat on. Water was at 157F,put in grains dropped to 143F. turned up heat (should have left well enough alone,lesson learned) to get water back up. I may have screwed it up,I set it to medium heat and left it,checked it through out and temps kept raising.when I did first set of hop additions I turned it down,30 minutes,cause temps were high at around 170F-171F. I squeezed into sanitized bucket because when I pulled out bag it was juicing all over the stove and then I wanted to make sure I could actually get any of the wort out because the muslin was to fine. I wanted to ensure success of getting all the wort out I could so I used a sanitised bucket. I eventually had to just poor the contents of the bag into the bucket and used a pot lid to squeeze the wort out of the grains! Which worked fairly well considering it was hot as all get out. So I did not sparge,and it tasted sweet...like tea with no bitterness! Shoot it might have tasted good to cool it down and drink it like that! So I have this beastie of mystery in a 5 gallon bucket and shes bubbling in the airlock this morning! It smells good but I am going to keep an eye on it and a nose to it and see where this goes! If anything this should be a lesson for all of what not to do! I am aware I could have screwed this up royally and wont know until I crack it open in a couple of weeks or sooner! It was a good first time experience.Lessons learned and lessons to come! Maybe my first screw up of a BIAB! I had fun though! And again muslin,really fine stuff!water ran through it fine,add grains and a thicker wort,not so great. Also,I know now when close to temps shut the bugger down and just keep an eye on it for temp drops and do slight adjustments from there,IF needed! And I am already looking forward to the next brew I want to do. A Strawberry Ale! And I know for a fact I will do this belgian beastie again! I am a student in learning the ways of brewing! I have so much to learn!
  10. Wow! I am Green as hops! But to no avail,I brewed the beastie up! My SG was 1.060. Far from the predicted 1.109. But that kinda works in my favor in an odd kind of way! Made several mistakes and learned some lessons only hands on can teach! In a couple of days I will go ahead and add the sugar. I figure what the hell! I tried to take good notes...learning there as well! First of all temps were all over the place! Nice right!? Learning! Second, not only were they all over the place but then they got hot! I recorded the last 7 minutes at 173F....(Are you serious?) Third,Muslin does not care to let liquid flow out of it like fluid should flow out of any fabric...especially when you have 7.5 lbs. of grain in it! (It burns alot!)Made a mess all over the floor and yet managed to have some sweet wort (Hot wort...hot,hot,hot!)! It was hot getting all the fluid I could out of the grains from emptying bag into a sterilized bucket and using a pot lid to squeeze it all out! Hot and sweet!Nice! Hope it all works out! So my efficiency sucks! I probably screwed this up with temps! And having to add water to bring it up to a smidge over 2 gallons! I may very well be pleasantly surprised by all this and have a good brew! Worst case scenario, there is no worst case scenario! It was fun and I had a blast doing it! And I will do it again! I just have to get better at not making a mess!
  11. It looks like I can take a gamble and do my brew on time, hold off on the cane sugar for a couple of days then add it...or do up a yeast starter and and do it 2 days later and hope I did it right! Decisions decisions! What to do!? I have to ponder this!
  12. Uh oh!!! I only have one thing of yeast! The white labs Belgian Golden Ale yeast (WLP 570)!! I read it's good to 12%,but, I have a sneaky suspicion it won't be enough from what your saying!
  13. Now for the wort boil....would I want to do the malto dextrin for the full 90 minute boil? And should I do a lower boil temp than 193F? And lastly where does the cane sugar fit into the boil or does it? I was really hoping to do this earlier this week,due to matters out of my hands,I was not able to! So Saturday is the day!One way or another it will get done that day!! I would like to get the last little details of this beastie and then I will celebrate with the creation of this brew of mystery! I did a little playing with the qbrew....From what I have input into it...ABV of 10.5%, well, maybe in a perfect world! Recipe gravity 1.109 and estimate FG 1.027! Again that's me playing with it and not having any real clue what else I should take into account or if what I have on there is accurate enough! Oh well, it's a learning experience and I am going to learn and read as I go!!
  14. So I did some adjusting...I can get water moving nicely at 190F for 30 minutes which I believe gives me a boil off rate of .75 gallons an hour! And from what I read and calculated I will have an approximate grain absorption of .9....Oh yeah I forgot to throw in the 7.5 Lbs. of grain for the boil. There was a little more math in there and then I got lost! So I was going to do all the grains at the full 90 minutes,that won't hurt anything will it? I figured it was the right thing to do!
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