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  1. I have old Mr Beer suplies that I am selling. 30 - Bottles with caps and 3 fermenters (2 with lids). $45 for it all. I no longer use these anymore and I am located in the western pa area.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find the recipe for the Christmas Ale??? I searched the recopies and found 2 archives. Neither one was the recipe that I wanted. I had previously bought the necessary malt which were CHerry, Pale Export and Octoberfest. All of the archived recipes say English Nut UME which not the recipe they had on the board prior to the merger. Thanks in advance.
  3. "swenocha" post=264023 said: "PrivateJoker" post=264017 said: I cracked one open last night. It is one of my favorite recipes so far that I made. I'm surprised how much better it is after 6 weeks conditioning time. Those yeasties are marvelous little buggars, no? :cheers: I'm going to do some hard core quality assurance today to make sure that the rest of the bottles came out fine as well. (and the Wicked Monk ones to)
  4. "alb" post=262919 said:I'm drinking a Bill's Brew right now and it is NOT cidery. I know the malt:adjunct rule so I can't explain it, but it's not. It's OK, I'm a bit of a hophead so I prefer more hop character, but it's OK. Better than most of what's usually available in stores. I cracked one open last night. It is one of my favorite recipes so far that I made. I'm surprised how much better it is after 6 weeks conditioning time.
  5. How does is Coopers Brew Enhancer different then the MB Booster?
  6. "rickbray66" post=263645 said: "PrivateJoker" post=263641 said:Not a bargain when the same product that is double the size is $1 more... But that's using a price from another source and not the MrB website. It's a fair statement, but also applies to all the products on the MrB website, old and new. Rick From Coopers store.. AUD $13.50 for 3.75lb can. Same company, same product. different price. Now they do charge $15 to ship down there. I would pay higher shipping to get a cheaper priced product.
  7. I was waiting for the summer seasonal to come out before I made my next stock up. However they switched to the new cans and discontinued the old ones. (and suspended the summer seasonal). Now I'm left with an orphan Octoberfest. Any suggestions on what I can add to it? (I wanted Golden Wheat to make the Howlin Red Ale)
  8. "Trollby" post=263632 said: "rickbray66" post=263621 said:Sounds like the new Standard Refill is actually more of a bargain. Rick Not a bargain, the old Standard Refill was 2.02# of ingredients, Yes it had booster but Mr. Beer always sold it on the "IDEA" that Booster simulates an all malt by having both fermentable and Non-fermentable. I do not feel I get a bargain when the Price goes up that much for LESS ingredients. Also the Old was around 3.5% ABV (they stated 3.7%) and Gravity 1.036 and the New recipes come in at 1.032 so best case we get 3.2% for more money but the flavor is still out for the results. My hydro sample was very thin, like drinking a Light beer, had nice wheat flavor but so did the WWW HME and did not seem so thin Not a bargain when the same product that is double the size is $1 more...
  9. "Joechianti" post=263467 said:Well I sure got thrown off on the wrong track by the massive efforts demonstrated to no end on all the ways to make a better beer while streamlining the cost. Harvesting yeast, using grains, shopping for sales, placing larger orders to reduce shipping costs, etc. etc. Then all of a sudden they ask what's important to us and we say we want to pay more? Now I truly am confused. I'm sure costs will now be streamlined as you previously pointed out Joe. It looks though as Coopers is passing the $$ it cost to obtain MB name and intern is passing that on to the MB customers. I can't get past the fact that the same product which is double the size is only a $1 more. Yes you have to buy booster or DME, but well within the $16 you would save. If they would reduce the little cans by 10% I wouldnt be so put out by the increase. (I think people previously posted costs went up 16% from the old kits). Has anyone tried a Coopers beer yet? If it's crap then we got a bigger issue then the price increase. (I won't know for another month until the Australian Pale Ale is ready)
  10. "stevecon" post=263062 said:Replaced my leaky water heater tonight and saw 38 new messages on this thread. It was a great read. As I've stated before the move to PM and steeped extract batches has been made for me by pure economics. Look out DME mart your best customers are coming from the Borg. My LHBS is going to see me every weekend now, and my wife is getting me the barley mill for fathers day. MB/C hope u are reading this thread. I doubt they read these posts. They just read the balance sheet..
  11. If they are starting to pull the Coopers big cans, then I guess its time to move on to the 5 gallon batches and say good bye MB.
  12. Did they pull the UME from the web site? I can't seem to find any.
  13. There is apparently a lot up uproar on the facebook posting about this as well.
  14. How is comparing coopers 3.75 can to MB/Coppers 1.75 can apples to oranges? Same product..
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