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  1. I kinda thank them. This disappearance of the ingredients served to kick me out of the nest and on to all grain brewing. I still peek in these forums from time to time because there are a lot of good folk in here and I have learned a lot from them. But as for brewing, I think I am done with Mr. Beer.
  2. I have to say thanks for having a clear enough wiring illustration to help me get mine wired up and working! :cheers:
  3. For what it's worth... Texas Gnome wound up being pretty darn good. Too bad I cant duplicate it exactly. Guess I'll be trying to do it with other extracts now! :whistle:
  4. I found a big Styrofoam cooler at WalMart that works great and it costs about 8 bucks. Swapping ice bottles twice a day keeps temps nice and cool. I will say you have to "dial it in" by figuring a few tricks out. Example: I found that the ice bottles alone would get things too cold for the typical ale yeast. ( **During the first few days of fermentation the yeast are very active and produce more heat as a result. During this time I keep the towel off the bottle.
  5. Congrats! My first was High Country Canadian Draft. Its great drinking and enjoying your own brew isn't it? May the Borg be with you... :borg:
  6. Yet another example of why I prefer an airlock on the LBK. But in all honesty, I'm having to use my airlock-less LBK right now because its short enough to fit in the cooler with ice bottles. Dang I need an upright freezer and Johnson control... I had to go beyond 3 weeks once and everything was fine. Check it with a hydrometer to get that final "All clear".
  7. Well... I just saw that this may be my one and only chance to catch that Texas Gnome. Seems the Pale Export is no longer available. So much for modifying some of my Mr. Beer favorites. Back to the drawing board... :think:
  8. What they said. Give it some time, you will not be sorry. This is one of the better beers I have made. But... It didnt live up to the "Hop Head" name IMHO. That wasnt a problem for my Wife! :drinking:
  9. Fair enough... I'll throw in a dry hop for the aroma. I was on the fence about that anyway. Any suggestions on what varity? More Williamette? or Amarrilo perhaps? I'll say the wort certianly tasted pretty hoppy. I know that can change during conditioning. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Keep'em coming! I want to catch this Texas Gnome..
  10. Although... I have to say that it could still be an English IPA based on: http://www.bjcp.org/2008styles/style14.php Just saying...
  11. Very Tricky... So what do you think about adding a dry hop to the mix? That would get the aroma in there right?
  12. I was going for an American Pale Ale style using Beer Smith as a guide. But, I wound up with a little longer hop boil than I first intended which kicked my IBU's into the English IPA range. I'd think a Brown Ale should have a darker SRM than this. But, in any event it should be good. The wort tasted great as wort goes. I will post a review as time goes by...
  13. Batch #11 Brewer: Nagorg Brewing Beer: Texas Gnome IPA Style: English IPA Batch: 2.5 Gallon Extract w/Specialty Grain • 6 Oz Crystal Malt 20L - (Steep for 30 Min) • 1 Can Pale Ale Export • 1 lb Dark DME • 6 Oz Clover Honey • 3/4 Oz Willamette Hops - (1/2 Oz at 45 - 1/4 Oz at 20) • 1 Can West Coast Pale Ale - (Added at Flame Out) • 3/4 Packet SafAle S-05 • 3.1 Gallons spring water Boil time = 60 Minutes - Steep Specialty Grains for 30 minutes at 160% - Add water, begin boil - Just prior to boil, add Pale Export, DME and Honey - 15 minutes after hot break, add 1/2 Oz Williamette Hops - 40 minutes after hot break, add 1/4 Oz Williamette Hops - Add WCPA at Flame Out - Cool Wort to 70 degrees. - Transfer to LBK. - Pitch rehydrated yeast Ferment for ~3 weeks at ~68 degrees. Batch prime with 2.6 Oz turbinado cane sugar Bottle condition/carb for at least 4 weeks OG = 1.052 Est ABV: 5.6% Est IBU: 46.9
  14. LOL... I wound up with the SQ14 after all. A friend of mine who brews swayed my decision. This thing looks like it will do the job with no issue!
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