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    Witty monk

    I have two cans of witty monk. Would I be ok to add 1# of light dme or will it be to malty?
  2. Just bottled my first 5 gallon batch. American style ale. Sample did not have much flavor and detected slight cidery taste.
  3. Support your local business. It is nice to have somewhere you can talk to in person.
  4. I like the cool brewing bag. I may have to invest in that until I can afford using a fridge with controller. I have a swamp cooler setup now and it appears to be keeping the temp cool to the touch. i need to get thermometer. Thanks for the ideas.
  5. American Lager kit from LHBS and their recipe. I thought it was an ale yeast til I got it home and realized it was lager yeast. Temp range says 50-62 degrees. my basement is at 64 degrees right now. I had problem with Wyeast Yeast slappack. I activate and waited several hours and it did not expand. Pitched the yeast at appropriate temp. It has been almost two days and I do not see activity yet.
  6. Just finished my first 5 gallon batch. Simple american lager. I hope I can keep it cool enough. Storing in cooler with ice packs and covered with towel in basement.
  7. Here is the thread where I asked the same question. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/9-basic-recipes/230863-summer-beer
  8. http://www.mrbeer.com/product-exec/product_id/124/nm/Strawbeery_Blonde Here is archived recipe. I tried a wheat beer adding strawberry extract at bottling. I did not have a strawberry taste but was still good beer. I have read a lot of threads that strawberries are hard go do compared to other fruit.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. I am still looking at the Austin site and it seems to have a lot. Went lhbs today and bought 5 gallon brewing kit and American ale/lager recipe kit. Bought some extra stuff for MB stuff I bought from sears. The kit I bought said ale but has lager yeast. Yeast packet says 65-72degrees but recipe says 50-62 degrees. I am hoping I can keep down in basement.
  10. I have stocked up on MB recipes and will keep brewing them for while. I am would like to move up to 5 gal kits. Looking on-line there are so many choices and I am not sure what is the best deal. I looked at Midwest, Northern and a couple here in PA. Can anyone recommend an on line company that is good to deal with and have good recipe kits. Thanks
  11. I saw a post from mr beer saying something about umes coming out.
  12. Mr beer. You should create a topic with all of your answers so everyone knows. Maybe put a statement out about upcoming changes,etc. people do not like change so if they are informed they will settle down and get back to what is best in life. Making and drinking beer.
  13. ecd4105

    Summer beer

    I tried beer and it was ok. Slight sweet aftertaste but does not have strawberry flavor. Carb is not there and no head on beer. Will try another one soon.
  14. I tried another one and was much better. Slight cidery aftertaste but I enjoyed it.
  15. I brewed this in feb as well. Tried one three weeks ago and it was cidery and green. I think it is high gravity and needs a longer conditioning time. I put one in the fridge tonight and will try next week.
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