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  1. Hey fellow brewers! I started brewing a can of Cowboy Golden Lager with a couple teaspoons of ginger and a half cup of honey it. I recently moved away from college and didn't get a chance to bottle it before it before I left. I believe it's been 4 or 5 weeks since I started it. I came back home this weekend and I checked it and it appears that there are some odd white spots on top. I could see some things floating around but I assume that's all ginger. What could the white spots be and do I dare bottle or just throw it out?? I hate to waste the time or worse yet, get sick trying it!
  2. So after all of this I'm going to just stick with one can of fruit and possibly get some extract but when is the best time and how much to add of any given extract? I've been reading about a wide variety of numbers and amounts to use on extracts online. Any advice guys? Also, after you add the fruit like a week after you start fermentation, how much long should you wait to bottle or check SG?
  3. Thanks for all of the help guys! I've read a lot of extracts as well. Any suggestions on sites or places that would carry berry flavored extracts at a reasonable price? Also, with the feedback you have given me, perhaps I will just still with the one can of blueberries and add them in after primary fermentation. Is extract better at bottling on while fermenting? And as far as the flavor I am going for, I'm personally a fan of hard ciders and flavored ciders so that's why I was curious about the flavor of it. I'm not putting a lot of emphasis on the "beer or malt" flavor of this as I am trying to really target people who aren't huge beer fans to being with, i.e. my Mom haha! Thanks again guys!
  4. Hey guys! Quick question and perhaps a srupid one. I want to make a VERY fruit flavored beer, I mean, one that really has the taste. So, I picked up a can of High Country Canadian Draft HME and two cans of Oregon Blueberries. I was also considering a half cup honey. Problem that I realized was that my malt to adjunct ratio is way off! I've read that it gives it a "cidery taste" when this is done. Is it a bad taste though or just a non-beer taste? I'm making this recipe mostly catered for women and for those days that something light and fruity sounds good so I'm taking the focus off of beer but at the same time, I don't want it to taste like garbage. Also, I plan on adding a can at the beginning of fermentation and then about 7 to 8 days later to really boost the flavor and spread it out. Might even use a touch of extract at bottling. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Just thought I would bump this to the top. I emailed the Mr. Beer Brewmaster over a week ago and still no response either...
  6. Thanks for the reply! Yes I bottle primed and used mostly 16 oz. bottles which I used 1 teaspoon sugar in as directed in the Mr. Beer booklet. I just don't know if it will ever carb at all and even if it does, the taste is less than impressive. I could definitely use some more sweetness in there but at the same time, I don't want the tops blowing off of my bottles!
  7. Hey everyone! I could really use some help on my latest batch of brew so hopefully I can salvage it! I bottled a batch of Archer's Hard Apple cider that I added Red Raspberies too on 6/18/12. I bottled in just regular brown pop bottles and I noticed that the bottles were not getting very rock hard. I cracked one today just to try and there was very little "hiss" when I opened it. I tried it and there was zero carbonation and still a little bit of a yeast flavor remaining. What should I do about this?!?! I was thinking leave it a couple more weeks or just go ahead and open then all and re-add the sugar to see if that starts the process over. The bottles have remained in a condition of about 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit for the last three weeks so I'm not sure what else the problem would be. Please let me know what the proper action to take is to salvage my Hard Cider!! Thanks in advance for any help!!
  8. I will gladly post some updates when I make it! I could not agree more with your disappointment about the Spiced Amber Ale only being available in their Winter Sampler. Blue Moon is putting more emphasis on their Winter Abbey Ale and plain and simply, the Spiced Amber Ale KILLS any brew made by Blue Moon. I really need to write a letter and let them know that they could really up their sales by selling Spiced Amber Ale all year long or at least sell it in 6-packs during the winter season.
  9. I haven't got around to concocting it just yet! I've been working on a few other brews and a couple summer things I want to get going. I hope to start on this within the next month or so. Either that or start it maybe around August so it will be ready to drink by the end of October!
  10. Thank you so much for the response! Any suggestions on specific brands or sugar contents I should be watching for? I suppose maybe I will buy one hard cider refill with fruit so I can check out the information on the Oregon Fruit can and then compare it to other things I might find locally.
  11. Hello all! I spend a LOT of time browsing the different recipes on the Mr. Beer website and thinking about what I want to order next and trying to plan ahead. I'm curious about using a different kind of fruit instead of what some of these recipes come with. I mean, over $4 seems like quite a bit to me for a can of fruit. I have different cans of HME and UME on hand and will probably buy hard cider refills from a different site as it will be cheaper but I'd like to try my hand at a fruity hard cider. Any suggestions on brands of fruits or what to look for in canned fruit to use it for brewing? I live in Iowa if that helps at all as far as availability of different fruit brands. Thank you in advance for any help!
  12. I'm subscribing to this thread! I'm a big fan of Stella Artois as well! It makes for a pretty good beer to drink all year round and I would love to be able to produce something similar to it!
  13. Manowarfan1 wrote: Only one way to find out I have several recipes that featured OVL as a base because Target online had them on sale for like $5 each plus $5 shipping. So I got 5 OVL packs and went to the MrB recipe tab, sorted by HME and just started brewing ones that had OVL as the base. Some of them are hitting the pipeline now but still trying to let them condition a bit longer before I start to sample and take notes on how they taste & change each week. Once you get through your first DME or LME experience - and your first hop boil, you will probably find it more cost effective to just buy those things locally and wait for MrB to put things on sale (they always have a couple of recipes on sale each month) and you will have the experience to go out and modify recipes you see Don't chase a high alcohol volume, go for taste through adding more malt than sugars and you will be crafting up some yummy goodness in no time flat. Cheers jeff Thank you for the great insight! And wow, $5 and $5 shipping from Target?! That's a steal my man! Hopefully I can track down some deals like that! Unfortunately, I don't have a store all that close to me that carries Mr. B products and the stores that are about 45 minutes away would carry a limited selection. If I do to Des Moines, IA, which is just about 90 minutes away, there should be plenty of stores that carry a pretty complete selection of things.
  14. allenc85 wrote: I've never used OVL or Bewitched Red Ale - so can't help you there. You can always go to Mr Beer website and read how they describe the two; looks like BRA is malty and slightly sweet and OVL is smooth with a toffee-like malt richness... Hmmm...from that description it sounds like OVL is more the way to go but then again, what do I know?! lol
  15. Allen, thank you so much for your in depth responses! This recipe is really coming together and I hope it turns out just awesome! Not sure when I will be getting around to it exactly and getting everything all wrestled together! I will be just buying the Octoberfest Lager and UME separate. So I'm leaning more towards the Ocotberfest Vienna Lager for my HME but still up in the air on the UME? Or do you all think the Red Ale would e a better choice? Otherwise, my other ingredients and amounts seem to be falling into place! This is such a great community and I am glad that I have had such positive and helpful feedback!
  16. ^^^ Very good idea! Thank you allenc85! That is a great idea! Unfortunately, I was a fool and never actually drank one of these out of a glass so I'm just basing the color on a few videos I have seen of it. Mellow Amber UME might be an excellent choice as well, might be better than the Pale export. I'm just afraid of using the Wheat UME that it will be too much wheat flavor but then again, I'm a total newb! Thank you for crunching those numbers and checking the SRM colors! I'm planning on using a Casade hop boil as another person suggested ad based on the flavor profile, I think it will compliment the spices nicely. Any suggestions on fermenting time, bottle conditioning, etc?
  17. Bender B. Rodriguez wrote: Octoberfest with Golden Wheat ume and either half pound of honey after 1 week in primary, OR 1 cup booster used as directed.Can't help on spices, but the spiced beer I made had a funny flavor that conditioned out after awhile.Don't assume its ruined if it tastes weird at first! Dont fear the coriander, the cinnamon and cloves are what to not overdo. Just punched this up in Qbrew and it just makes it into the Amber guidelines on the low end of color and gravity, about 4.8 percent alcohol. Love Penzeys spices! So Golden Wheat UME is the way to go? I thought that might add too much of a wheat flavor to my beer and detract from the spices. A half pound of honey seems like quite a bit as well, but I have no idea! 4.8% abv isn't too bad. The actual Blue Moon Spiced Amber ale clocks in at 5.6% abv. Not sure how to get a much richer amber color. Thinking I should use brown sugar for bottle priming though.
  18. Brown Dog Brew wrote: I had some really good input when I wanted to brew a honey beer. I was kind of talked out of it too. Here's the link to the thread: http://community.mrbeer.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=124&func=view&catid=9&id=217482 Thank you for the link! I'll read through the whole thread after I get home from work tonight! Looks like some good reading and a pretty good brew! I would like to make a better version of Leinenkugels Honey Weiss and that recipe looks awesome!
  19. Brown Dog Brew wrote: drichardson wrote: You'll likely have to condition for a long time anyway to get everything to work together, but it doesn't hurt to experiment. I'll bet you'd want to let this set for 2 - 4 months. Thanks for the input! Man, that seems like a long time to let it bottle condition. Should I just skip the honey altogether? How would that affect the conditioning time? The issue is that you've got quite a bit of fermentable material in there as well as a bunch of spices. Your yeast will want to work on the fermentables (sugars) first and then work on settling flavors. While you may have everything fermented, you'll have some work to do on getting all the flavors, esters, etc. to cooperate and balance each other out. I think the honey will be ok, but I think you could fly without it. Thank you for chiming in and I think you have a very good point. It seems to be the general consensus to leave the honey out but perhaps I might just add 2 tbsps. after primary fermenting, just to add some flavor but not have so much fermentable material in there.
  20. genotype wrote: drichardson wrote: 1/8 tsp. Coriander 1/2 tsp. Ground Ginger 1 tsp. Cinnamon 1/8 tsp. cloves 1/2 tsp. Pure Almond Extract 1 cup Honey Any thoughts or changes to the recipe? I made a Blue Moon clonish and used 3/4 tsp crushed coriander seed, 2.5 tsp. sweet orange peel and 2 crushed cloves. Came out having way too much spice. The amounts you list for coriander and clove look nice and light. Maybe lessen the cinnamon (have not used it in beer) and ginger (have not used it in beer). If you like how it turns out but feel it needs more, you can always increase the amounts for the next batch. You cannot, however, take it away if you use too much. Awesome! So perhaps a 1/4 teaspoon Ginger and 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon? Or maybe just a 1/2 tsp. of some Cinnamon I have from Penzeys Spices. It's Viatmanese I believe? Really pure stuff and pretty strong! Any thoughts on fermenting and bottling times and how to condition, etc?
  21. Brown Dog Brew wrote: Although a noob here, after doing a bit of research it looks as if 1 cup of honey might be a little much. I'd dial it back a bit. I might try 1/2 cup or 2 tablespoons. Too much honey and you'll have to condition for a long long time to settle it out. You'll likely have to condition for a long time anyway to get everything to work together, but it doesn't hurt to experiment. I'll bet you'd want to let this set for 2 - 4 months. Thanks for the input! Man, that seems like a long time to let it bottle condition. Should I just skip the honey altogether? How would that affect the conditioning time?
  22. genotype wrote: keep it in. remove both prior to putting the wort into the LBK. Excellent, thank you! How do the spice amounts look in my recipe? And I'll probably dial back the DME from 1 pound to 3/4 pound.
  23. genotype wrote: Hops are very easy to work with. There are a few charts you can reference. Just search the forums for hop boil. Get a hop sack so you don't have to deal with the extra gunk. Just need some water, DME or some of the UME and hops. You could boil 1/4 oz for 20 minutes, adding another 1/4 oz for the last 7 minutes of the boil. Kill the flame. Add your HME and remainder of UME, and follow the rest of the directions, removing the hop sacks prior to putting the wort into the LBK. Well that seems easy enough!! So, for the last 7 minutes am I adding an addition 1/4 ounce to the 1/4 ounce already in there? Or do I remove the first 1/4 ounce and add in a fresh hop sack with the new 1/4 ounce?
  24. genotype wrote: I would lose the honey (unless you add it after primary fermentation) and go with 3/4 to 1lb of amber DME. That would bring your color to the low end of the Amber Ale spectrum (if using the Bewitched Red). You will also be pretty malty. I'd suggest adding a hop boil. A couple of hops that work to style would be Cascades or Centennials (This chart is a good reference. Yes I was thinking of adding the honey after about one week in the Brown Fermenter like a member suggested in this thread, seems to be a good idea. Are hops pretty difficult to work with? Being a noob I don't want to ruin this recipe or make it too difficult but at the same time, I want to create a pretty good spiced amber ale! Again, thank you all so much for the help! I think I can really pull this off with all of your suggestions! I hope it comes close to that ale or even better!!
  25. genotype wrote: You can purchase DME and other supplies either online at places like MoreBeer, Austin Homebrew Supply, Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies or any other online store, as well as a Local Homebrew Supply Store. While sugar actually is just about 100% fermentable, it will thin your beer and require additional time to condition out "cider" flavors. DME/LME, on the other hand, is not quite as fermentable, but, in addition to increasing ABV, also adds body and mouthfeel to your beer. Coriander is the seed from cilantro. Used sparingly, they can impart a citrusy flavor. Often used in wheat beers. You will want to crush it and add it to the boil for 5 minutes. Thank you very much for the information on DME! Now, I don't want this beer to be super heavy at all. I hate Guiness and those thick kind of drafts. Perhaps DME would be too heavy for this kind of beer? I want to come as close to possible to this Spiced Amber Ale or at least create a very drinkable brew with that those good "apple pie spices". That's what I think of when I taste that beer is like the spices from apple or pumpkin pie.
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