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  1. Hello again all, tis the season to start brewing again. Doing the lbk ipa this weekend, and was wiondering how the Us 05 yeast strain would work with it......I have a pack from November left and was curious.
  2. 5 weeks is my max, on an x-sport and a ADIPA varriant...........The ADIPA came out wonderful after only 3 weeks in the bottle. Trying the x-sport sunday with some smoked ribs will keep you posted. So worked out to a 5-2-1 roughly.
  3. In a nut shell 2x AMDIPA 2xMellow amber ume .5 oz Amarillo for 10 minutes .5 oz simcoe for 20 minutes 1 ounce of cascade at flame out, dry hopped and left in the lbk for almost 5 weeks(schedule conflicts) Pitched 3 packs of fromunda at 66f at an SG of 1.070
  4. Quick update on this recipie. Into the lbk on 4-8-12, bottled on 5-6-12(schedule conflicts). Holy crap tried one last night and it's a really close taste. Can't wait, gonna let it sit and mellow a tad bit more maybe 2 weeks.
  5. Fg was 1.016 and maybe more yeasty flavor but a sweet smell.(makes sense i hope)
  6. My schedule got out of control lately and was forced to leave some x-sport in the lbk almost 5 weeks. Bottled today and smelled really sweet. Curious if this extended period will have hurt the beer.
  7. Looking for something simple. To be ready around July to august or even Vacation in September.
  8. Simple recipie. Doing the extreme x-sport, and curious if an extra light or just a light dme would be better then booster ?
  9. NC4Runner wrote: My first batch (Classic American Blonde Ale) is in the bottles and I thought I would try one at 2 weeks. Actually, more like 12 days. Anyway, as I suspected based on other threads here, it was cidery and flat. Not much carbination and no head. (I used Screwy's calculator to batch prime 13 tsp sugar). But that's ok -- I wanted to do it so I'd have something to measure against. I'll try another bottle at 3 weeks, then 4 weeks. I have 2 other batches going, the Cowboy Lager and the ADIPA. I'll be bottling the Cowboy Lager some time this week and the ADIPA the following week. It's all a fun learning experience and thanks to everybody on these forums for all the help they've given over the years. Searching this forum provides a treasure trove of information. The ADIPA is worth the 4 week storage, i promise.
  10. Fell to the green devil and opened a bottle of Cascadia pale, friday night. After 3 weeks had a nice head and tasted a little green so in a week or 2 it should be great. Patience is a big part of the addiction.
  11. Logged a 1.016 at the bottom of the curve on the hydro.....at 66 deg.
  12. Will pop another bottle tonight . Use the wife digi camera instead of the iphone.
  13. Not bad at all, little bitter with a touch of hops. Bahh pic is to big..
  14. This thread took off, that's great, alot of ideas pouring in. Whats the best as in 3-2-2 or up the carb condition stage?
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