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  1. I'm going to re-hijack my thread So, the consensus is that by "condition for two months", they mean at roughly the same temp as fermenting? Then, my plan will be to do that for two months (74 degree server room) and then I'll put it in the fridge. As suggested, it might be best to wait at least a week after that. Of course, since I don't drink them that fast, the last beer may end up having been conditioned in the fridge for about at least four weeks and maybe even longer. Thanks guys.
  2. Hey guys, I'm sorry but I'm a little frustrated. I have spent hours and hours on multiple nights trying to find this answer but see so many different points of view. I'll keep this simple. I brewed a batch of 2 Hellenbock a while back. I bottled it on 4-26 and let them sit in our server room at 74 degrees. The bottles are rock hard. Mr. Beer says to condition the beer for two months. BUT AT WHAT TEMP? At the same temp or in my refrigerator? Is it like this? Ferment, bottle and carbonate at 70 ish degrees, then condition in the fridge for the remaining time? Or condition for 2 months at 70 ish and put in the fridge only for a free days before drinking. Thanks, David
  3. I just wanted to make a quick recommendation to you guys. The worst part of brewing my first time was dealing with dissolving the booster. I started using a blender and I mix it for about two minutes. I do recommend pouring it in through the top while it runs. I then continue to prepare the rest of the items needed to get the batch together and let it mix a bit longer. Voila! The hardest part of Mr. Beer brewing is hard no longer! David
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