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  1. Glad you are alright! I have been hearing a lot of these stories as well... weird. Is anyone else expecting zombies? I mean you here enough about these and face eating stories and you start to wonder if you should start preparing for the worst... just sayin!
  2. Every time this happened to me I had used a significant amount of store bought LME. Turned out that was the problem. Mr. Beer malt extract seemed to be okay and of course all grain works out fine (too fine in some cases!) but I don't think I'll be using store bought malt extract again unless I have specific need of a brew finishing with a high gravity.
  3. +1 to the general thanks Just do a longer mash and a super efficient sparge maybe? You can do it!
  4. You sound like you did pretty much everything right, nice to see you researched before jumping in!
  5. Nice little guide I will definitely try this
  6. I actually re-primed once with an apfelwein that I had brewed. I drank some of it and then decided it would be better carbonated so I opened a bottle poured some out and then primed it with apple juice. It worked great, nice and fizzy, just make sure to sanitize!
  7. Congrats on the stout! You do not have to sanitize the measuring cup if you will be boiling anything you put into it. You probably should sanitize the can opener because you will not be actively boiling the HME. The chances of contamination are low, but it is so simple to sanitize by just throwing it into the LBK with everything else. It's not worth losing 2 gallons of beer over.
  8. That is true so long as you don;t use TOO much of it. I have done a lot of experimenting with this over the past few months and I'll just say... there is a limit to how hoppy you want your bread to be. So long as you are doing Mr. Beer recipes it shouldn't be a problem but I tried a trub bread made from an IPA I brewed and man that thing was bitter!
  9. I just broke 2, picked up a case and the bottom fell out. In retrospect it was great I ONLY lost 2, but I was pissed. They exploded, glass and beer everywhere. Some glass made it 10 feet away!
  10. I'd say it depends on the yeast you are using. Personally for most ale yeasts I think that 60-70 is better than 55-65 though
  11. Whoa! That's awesome! The best I ever saw around my area was 12 cans of HME plus the LBK, and it was being offered for free Unfortunately I saw the add moments too late
  12. Go back and check your time machine, you missed the mark by about 6 months.
  13. I'm not really sure I follow... You will just end up with beer that probably will have less sweet caramelly characteristics. I have made a few with little to no crystal and they turned out great.
  14. So you are saying you want to dry hop the beer? That should work out fine, but you won't really get any taste just aroma from them. So long as you are doing a 2 gallon batch just using both cans should be fine but adding some booster would bring the alcohol content up a little, maybe go with half a pack? Safale S-05 is a good clean yeast or if you have any leftover mr beer yeast that should work as well. It shouldn't taste too light so long as you are using all of that malt.
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