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  1. Kitchen Collection and Shopko are hit and miss. Shopko tells me around Fathers Day and Christmas they have supplies. I found the 3-pk of International with Canadian Draft and Octoberfest and Vienna (I think) at Shopko for $20 clearance in Spokane.
  2. I use brewers best carbonation tablets and there are little floaties in the bottles, I haven't tried my beer yet, but will remember to pour slowly. Is there anything that will buy make floaties in the bottle besides regular sugar?
  3. Currently bottling wcpa, and will stick with similar ales. Thanks guys I'll call customer service.
  4. I have family members who are allergic to all nuts and peanuts. Do the beers have traces of nuts in them or is each hme and beer different?
  5. That means I'll have to stick to Coors Light for a few more days. Would you consider filtering your beer while bottling?--in order to use all the liquid, even the last drop? Thanks
  6. WCPA has been in the MrBeer LBK (is that correct) and it my first taste. I's been 7 days. It's been in the basement around 60-62*. Smells sweet and like flat beer. Looks like expired lemonade/ yellowish-cloudy-looking-watery-goo. Tastes flat and sweet. Is this what others have experienced? Should I forget about it for another week? Should I try to bottle a few? I need to pick up a hydrometer, doesn't that tell me when exactly to bottle the beer? Thanks for the input everyone!
  7. The tablets are Brewers Best from ldcarlson.com I will try them and see how they perform, I'll keep Coopers brand in mind next time. Thanks for the input.
  8. I bought some carbonation tablets from a local brewing shop and thought I'd try them instead of measuring out the proper amount of sugar into each bottle. The package says for each 12 oz. bottle you can low medium or high carbonation depending how many tablets you put in each bottle. Has anyone tried them before and has the beer turned out? Thanks. I'm a newbie mb maker
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