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  1. I shouldn't be too sweet after fermenting, bottle and let it condition. Ciders take a while...probably 8 weeks to condition in the bottle. Champagne yeasts are very dry, you could try some ale yeast next time too sweeten it up. And you should ferment for at least two to three weeks edit. Ciders ferment better at slightly higher temps also.
  2. Don't wang the next batch, that wont help! :laugh:
  3. I can't say it better than the above post, those are all the basics, and +1 on the cheaper caps. I have experimented with twist offs with success (because I liked blue bottles) But it's not really worth the risk to me. If you carb according to qbrew and use just over 1/2 tsp per 12oz, you should be good, but if you are worried, put it in a cooler to condition for 4 weeks
  4. I post this on a thread a while back..... For all of you wondering, yes you can make your own sanitizer at home. I recommend a good commercial no-rinse sanitizer (NRS) like Star-San, Iodophor, etc. In a pinch though, there is a simple solution to your sanitation dilemma (pardon the pun). Everyone has heard the home brewers warnings about bleach and the brewery, and they are right. However, the man himself Charlie Talley (manufacturer of Five Star Chemicals, makers of Star-San) spoke about a homemade concoction that kills just as well in the event of large scale sanitation or the using up of your favorite sanitizer. Charlie recommends an accurately measured solution be made from the "dreaded" bleach, water, and house hold distilled white vinegar. A mixture ratio of 1 oz distilled white vinegar to 5 gallons of water is thoroughly mixed, and then 1 oz of house hold bleach is added only after the vinegar is diluted in the water will work perfectly. This high dilution of the vinegar in the water before the bleach is added prevents any out-gassing of chlorine from the bleach that is added at the end. The vinegar actually helps the bleach work as a better sanitizer due to acidifying the solution more. The high dilution also means it leaves no residual tastes behind of bleach or vinegar, making it a perfect "cheap" no-rise sanitizer.
  5. I have found it at Walmart and Target. Great for delabelling!
  6. Way to bring everyone down off the ledge Beerlabelman. :cheer: I'm going to RDWHAHB and chill out. "We are the World....." :gulp:
  7. +1 on the Oxyclean, but get the Oxyclean free.(no dye or perfume) Soak them a bit and use a bottle brush, then sanitize...no worries
  8. I have a vac u sealer, and I find that if I seal them and put them under a vacuum they keep very well in the fridge.
  9. My favorite use for the slimline....I put my sanitizer in it and it keeps it fresh a long time
  10. I find that the old spigots are like when I had my first nentendo, I find my self pushing that dang button way too hard and my thumb just hurts like heck. Have been careful with the new spigots and no problems at all. The bottling wand rocks! I have been using domino sugar cubes which I have found are slightly over 1/2 tsp and they are fast and easy. Just my two cents
  11. sorry but it still seemed unnecessarily harsh to me, just my opinion. Teach through tolerance
  12. I really don't think someone should get bitched out for not knowing how the system works and the first pissy reply was just that, pissy. A guy comes here for help and gets scolded for not knowing how to do it by someone who then doesn't help. I think tolerance could be higher on a beer forum.
  13. Fortunately my wife was with me, she told me to get more than I probably would have gotten. I've got an enabler! :woohoo:
  14. +1 If you want the alcohol you'l just have to drink more great tasting beer! :gulp:
  15. I have one of these: http://www.foodsaver.com/product.aspx?pid=9880 and it's great! You can get quart or gallon bags and they reseal very easily. I use them for yeast, hops, sugar, malt etc.
  16. Had to meet my son halfway to Western Michigan U to give him some medicine. Did a search and found the Cap and Cork beer and winemaking store in Jackson MI. Got some great deals on a siphon, yeast, caps and some other goodies. Great service and a cool store. Beats the heck out of the internet! Just doesn't take too much to get me excited I guess. :banana:
  17. Incandescent bulbs put off very little UV light, you should be fine. RDWHAHB :gulp:
  18. Having trouble getting pictures posted, hope this does it: edit, it didn't :ohmy:
  19. Lest ye should doubt the ingenuity of the pup (I held the spigot nut in place with a racking cane)
  20. I have an empty LBK right now and I do like a good cider, is lactose a lhbs only purchase?
  21. I'm thinking it will only be holding beer for 30 minutes at the most. Cleaning with oxi free and then sanitizing should do it I would think. Just giving it a try for 7 bucks... :laugh:
  22. Got this at Walmart today for 7 dollars http://www.walmart.com/ip/5-Gal-Plastic-Water-Bottle/16889206 Going to put a MB spigot in and just use to batch prime
  23. If I am understanding you correctly, you want to know if longer conditioning will get rid of trub in bottles? The quick answer , it won't. Naturally carbonated and fermented beer will always have trub. You just have to learn to pour carefully and there will be about 1/4 inch of beer left in the bottles. Homebrew is meant for glasses not drinking out of the bottle although the trub is rich in B vitamins and won't hurt you.
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