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  1. Haven't brewed in awhile. I check the website because I figure it's time to get back, and half the recipes are gone. . . . . . Most of the premium refills say "no longer available.". What gives?
  2. Hello everyone. Just need a little input. I'm planning on brewing up some black tower porter, but would like to beef it up a bit. Any suggestions on hopps, upgrading the yeast, adding additional ingredients (honey, brown sugar, etc.), increasing body and/or abv. Anyway, any suggestions/ input welcome. I cracked open my first bottle of rev. Bitter after conditioning for six weeks and was extremely pleased with how it turned out and am excited to brew something else up.
  3. Very good. Thank you both for the input . I'm excited to brew this recipe.
  4. Thanks. Is the age of the extra yeast (2-3 months) something to be concerned about?
  5. What exactly would it do. . . Boost abv? Improve flavor? Etc?
  6. I'm about to brew a batch of rev. bitter. I have an extra packet of dry yeast laying around. What would happen if I added that in addition to the other packet. In other words, would doubling the yeast bring any positive (or negative) effects-taste, body, abv, etc. I should also ad that the second packet of yeast is a couple months old, not sure if it goes bad or not. Thanks in advance for any input Erik
  7. I'm brewing up a batch of Witty Monk. What experience have people had with this brew in how long you've left it in the fermenter. I was planning a a solid three weeks, but just wanted to check if people have had better luck with more or less time in the fermenter with this recipe. How about proper conditioning time? I'm planning on being extremely patient with this one so I can welcome Spring properly this year. Any other tidbits of advice regarding this recipe would be welcome!
  8. Mt Joy, Lancaster county. Good to see some others from this area
  9. Need some advice. . . . I'm new to the hobby and started brewing with a mr beer kit. I just bottled my first batch and am impatiently waiting. Anyway, my wife noticed that I've really been enjoying this new hobby and went to the LHBS to get a refill and walked out with a brewers best kit. She was told that the brewers best kit would produce more consistent results. However, looking through the brewers best kit, it seems much more complicated. Features that I liked of mr beer is that is seems less complicated and only brews 2gallons at a time (as opposed to five gallons)-that way I can brew more often and try different recipes because it won't take me as long to get through each batch. Anyway, I'm more inclined at this point to stick with mr beer and see where that takes me. . . . . Or is that just crazy talk?
  10. Thanks for the input. I think I'll go ahead and bottle it and cold condition for a longer perio of time.
  11. I had planned on bottling my Cowboy Golden Lager this weekend after fermenting for two weeks. I just took a small sample and was suprised to see it still somewhat cloudy, not as clear as expected. There is still some what I think may be floating yeast colonies on the top and some nice trub on the bottom. Anyway, the taste test tasted like beer ( a good thing). I can't decide whether it finished somewhat bitter or mildly medicinal in flavor. I did use only bottled water so I think it was more bitter (MB manual says that using chlorinated water results in a medicial taste). Anyway, any suggestions/advice would be welcome. -Do I give it more time in the fermenter? -Do I cold crash? -Do I just bottle? -Do I adjust the temperature in the area where my keg is located? Homebrewing is a great lesson is patience. . . . . . . thanks in advance!
  12. Need a little advice. I plan to bottle my first batch of cowboy blonde this weekend after its been fermenting for the past two weeks. I haven't tasted it yet, but from what I can tell is pretty clear with a few floaters on top. There some nice trub on the bottom so I'm reasonably sure fermenting went well. So. . . I'm debating whether I should cold crash or not. From I can tell from most of the seasoned brewers out there, it's probably best practice. However, I'm concerned that moving the keg will stir up the trub and sentiment clouding up what looks to be pretty clear beer. I know the directions say to move it as little as possible. I'm inclined to skip the cold crash. Does anyone think that would be a bad move? In other words, is cold crashing essential?
  13. Great post. Thanks for the insights!
  14. Very good. Thanks everyone for your responses
  15. Do you do the same thing with the empty bottles?
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