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  1. @NxQ!? - Just here to validate some of your results. My OG and FG (calibrated hydrometer) were 1.062 and 1.005 for a resultant 7.5% ABV. I can easily believe you can hit 8% with this yeast. Second, the beer is delicious. My fermentation temps were 73-76 F and this yeast imparted a ton of flavor to the beer. The beer has a pretty solid bittering backbone for the level of attenuation. All around, the summer seasonal is a huge improvement over the spring white ipa.
  2. The Belgian Blanc recipe is an amazing wit recipe. Try it out.
  3. "TheGrove" post=384276 said:In terms of a straight up Mr. Beer recipe, she might like Belgian Blanc. I'd say to get closer to Blue Moon, follow the recipe, but go really light on the coriander. Belgian Blanc recipe is a good suggestion. You might also do the Spring Seasonal.
  4. "RickBeer" post=382002 said:Heating is unnecessary. Mix, wait, mix again. Buy a Vinator. And a bottle tree. See my sig. Star San takes less time, but same process. Star San, vinator, and bottle tree is the way to go.
  5. Summer seasonal is in the fermentor. OG was 1.062 at a volume of 9 quarts. I had it sitting at 67 for the first 8 hours and now it is fermenting at an ambient 74. Krausen looks good and I cannot wait to try it when its ready.
  6. "mashani" post=377017 said: But as others have said, sugar is totally appropriate in this recipe, and the amount they suggest is not too much. I'd use 8-12oz of candi syrup for sure if I did it. I'd bet 2x OVL + 8oz of 90L or 180L or a mix of 8oz of one and 4oz of another + 3787 would make really good beer. I just bottled a modded Gigantor Quad recipe with 8 oz. 90L candi sugar instead of the brown sugar. Tasted excellent going into the bottle so we will see what some age does to it. So I second Mashani's suggestion (as I had the same thought myself some time ago). The classic belgian styles are fairly simple malt bills with sugar added to add some flavor complexity and to "dry" them out which means to balance the remaining sugar with alcohol to make is seem less sweet.
  7. "BlackDuck" post=368322 said:WOW...yours got down to 1.014, nice work. Wonder what made yours attenuate so well? So many others crapped out in the 1.020 - 1.022, mine included. No idea for sure. I do deviate from the standard instructions in that I aerate with pure oxygen, hydrate my yeast, and am using a 3 gallon conical fermentor. Maybe one or all of those things is the difference. I do know that T-58 was pretty beastly and was overflowing out of my fermentor within about 12 hours. It was a mess. I love the citrus aroma and flavor, but I detect no hop aroma or taste to speak of. The next batch is definitely getting the dry hop treatment.
  8. Mine has been in the ferementor for 2.5 weeks at a nominal 65 degrees. OG was 1.066 and the current gravity is at 1.014. I tasted the gravity sample and it tasted like a very citrusy wit. I will be bottling in the next couple of days.
  9. "Trollby" post=363209 said: "xazzu" post=363187 said:I want to know when the other seasonals are out, since I'd like to get started on both the Summer and Fall within the next month or so. LOL The summer will not be out I bet until Mid June and the Fall will be out in Late August Hopefully now that the seasonal program is back, the schedule can be adjusted such that we can brew 4-6 weeks prior to the season actually occurring. Let's see how the future season's releases work, but I have my Spring Seasonal fermenting now and the earliest I will be able to drink it is mid-may. I expect we will have full Summer weather by that time here in Texas.
  10. "willsr" post=362857 said:Brewed mine up today. OG = 1.063, wort sample tasted sweet without any standout flavors. Thar she blows! Yup, T-58 is beastly. About 12 hours into the ferrmentor and we already have a gusher.
  11. Brewed mine up today. OG = 1.063, wort sample tasted sweet without any standout flavors.
  12. "Meytchison" post=356877 said:Well thats why I ordered 2. I'll brew the first one straight up. Try it and then make additions to the 2nd if I feel its needed. Ditto. Based on the flavor description, the second batch will get a citra dry hop to compliment..
  13. In for two, can't wait to get it in the fermentor.
  14. Clone Rogue Double Chocolate Stout! Oh my, it is good. I recently did a chocolate stout, it is still aging, but the gravity sample tasted great when I bottled. It had an OG of 1.081, 78 IBUs, and 7.4% ABV when done. Here is the recipe: Chocobacca RECIPE REQUIRES: 850g Can St. Patrick’s Irish Stout HME 2 x 550g Cans of Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout 250g Robust BrewMax LME 10g MRCB “FromDownUnda” Yeast 56g Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa Powder 2 TBSP Pure Vanilla Extract Muslin Sack BREWING [ol] [li]Hydrate yeast per standard guidelines for ale yeast. [/li] [li]Place the unopened cans of HME and LME Softpack in bath hot tap water.[/li] [li]Using the measuring cup, pour 4 cups of water into a clean 3-quart pot. Bring water to a boil, and then remove from heat. Pour the cocoa powder, HME, and LME into the hot water and stir until thoroughly mixed. [/li] [li]Fill LBK fermentor with refrigerated water to the 4-quart mark on the back. [/li] [li]Pour the mixture of HME into the keg, and then bring the volume of the keg to the 8.5-quart mark by adding more refrigerated water. Mix well.[/li] [li]Take a specific gravity measurement, note result. [/li] [li]Stir vigorously with sterilized hand blender or oxygenate. Pitch yeast into keg, mix well, then screw on lid. [/li] [li]Put your keg in a location with a consistent temperature between 65°and 72° F and out of direct sunlight.[/li] [/ol] FERMENT THREE WEEKS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE (between 65°-72°F). BOTTLING AND CARBONATING [ol] [li]At 3 weeks, prepare for bottling by taking a gravity measurement and racking beer in a clean LBK.[/li] [li]Batch prime with table sugar or dextrose per priming calculator for the desired volumes of CO2 and add 2 tbsp pure vanilla extract.[/li] [li]Bottle[/li] [/ol]
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