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  1. Thank everyone! Okay, I'm getting' all this- good stuff to know. I was fermenting in a room temperature closet with great ventilation. I'm talking' in the mid 70sF. I'll definitely take your advice, and get something to set it in too.
  2. I've made three batches of beer. The first two came with the kit- I loved the first one,and ruined the second one. But it's the third one that has me wondering. I ordered a St. Catalina Pale Ale, or some such. I also ordered a second brew keg. I followed the instructions to the letter. During the first week of fermentation the keg blew the lid off and stuff ran out in a big mess. Now remember, I followed the instructions to the letter. So there's no 800lb gorilla in the room. I'm wondering if the keg is missing its vent slits. What else could do that? I want to get another refill just like it. But I'm nervous about it. Any advice out there?
  3. Crawdaddy wrote: Welcome MercBird, check this site for the online version of a book, many regard as one of the best sources for homebrewing. http://www.howtobrew.com/sitemap.html I've been checking it out. Good stuff! :woohoo:
  4. WOW! Now THAT speaks for itself. Thanks!
  5. Are the Mr. Beer labels durable under multiple washings? Do they hold up well over time? Thanks! :side:
  6. Yep! NE Texas, just outside Texarkana. Just bought my first beer kit. Can't wait to get started. After the first blush has worn off, I'll be homebrewin' Stout. I have Charlie Papazian's book "The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing". Doing a lot of reading in that book, and have read Mr. Beer's book also. I love me some Guinness Stout. So I'm going to be brewing up the Stouts along that line later.
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