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  1. Well it worked! I made half a batch of wheat beer and immediately upon bottling it I made a half batch of raspberry wheat beer without cleaning the keg. Both came out well. :cheers:
  2. So rooting around the forums I came across a link to another small beer making kit. They claim you can skip several cleanings in a row. So here is my proposal I make a half batch of Whispering Wheat beer then as soon as I bottle it I would make the second half batch a raspberry wheat. Nor being lazy, just a newbie wondering if it is feasible. Thanks.
  3. I couldn't bear to wait any more so after 10 days I cracked open my first bottle of Blonde Ale. I was pleasantly surprised. The ale flavor was mild and head didn't collapse so I guess I did a fair job. :cheers:
  4. Hi Everyone. Stumpkicker here. Next Friday I'll be cracking open my first bstch: Classic American Blonde Ale. And then start on the Cowboy Larger. Now I read in the Cooking w/Mr. Beer book you can try cutting the booster in half and adding honey for a 'crisp dry' beer. So I figure that's easy enough to try but....do you just dump the honey in there and let it sit on the bottom? It will be almost impossible to stir. Thanks for your help. Just in case anyone is interested. 30 some years ago a played banjo in a bluegrass band called the Stumpkickers. (Contrary to what the name implies we were all college educated North East Data Processing professionals). and I've been using that name on the internet for a good long time. If you're ever on the Fiddle or Banjo Hangouts, Yup That me; and yup I still play.
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