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    Well I finally tried one of these after just short of 3 weeks fermentation and 2 weeks bottled. While this isn't one of my favorite types of beer (I made this for my wife), I was surprised that it really has a nice german bavarian taste. Almost close to a hefeweizen,which is my wife's favorite beer so she has something while I'm drinking all the hoppy stuff. I'm not sure what happened with the fermentation that I had to add some US-05 a few days after I put it in the LBK but, something worked. It's early but i'd have to say this is better than the old mr beer premiums I've used but I may want to try a few more before I can say so categorically. However, I'm pleasantly surprised.
  2. reduno


    That's a good way to explain it, "fluff". Even with adding a second yeast (US-05) it still hasn't taken off but I do have some trub on the bottom, a VERY THIN layer but I'm thinking this beer just isn't going to be very active. I can't explain it. No other beer i've made has done this. I too am keeping it in the upper 60's. I'll let it go about 17-18 days and bottle. If I see lots more trub, I may go longer but I seldom go a FULL 3 weeks and NEVER go only 2.
  3. reduno


    Just an update.....for some reason, this batch doesn't seem to be taking off so after 48 hours, my brother suggested preparing a yeast solution in a bit of warm water and adding it to the lbk so we'll see if that works. If not, I'm not sure where to go next.
  4. reduno


    Just wondering if anyone has made the Bavarian Weiss with Goldon wheat as the recipe calls for? I don't do too many all extract and when I do mr beer's now, I like to do a little grain with them to give them a little more flavor and feel. But I decided to try this one just as it comes except I actually lightly boiled the ume for a few minutes instead of adding it after heating the water. Im just curious as to what it comes out tasting like. I know it's not a hefeweisen but somewhere in between that and a basic german brew.
  5. I make some of the best bread there is. I use a bread maker to make the dough but I let it rise once more after taking it from the bread maker and bake it for about 25 mins at 375. It's awesome with beer, esp when it's warm. Just substitute one cup of spent grain for one of the normal recipes (I use bread fllour and wheat flour with it). My sister in law gave me this recipe and it's never failed.
  6. I just brewed a 2gal batch of a rye ipa and did 1/2 oz of chinook at pre boil but I didn't add any hops at 60 mins, instead waited til 30 mins to add some HBC 342 (experimental hops used in SN rye, i was told). It's still fermenting so I don't know how it will turn out but I'm hoping for a more hoppy taste and aroma than just the bitterness. We'll see how that turns out.
  7. Thx guys. I'm sure the sugar was ok as I used 2 tspns per 1 liter bottle. But I'm now worried about the bottle caps. I've used them at least 4 times so I guess that may be where I've gone wrong tho, to me, a tight seal is a tight seal, but what do I know?
  8. I had fermented at between 62-70 degrees but they were carbed at room temp, like all my beers (that ALWAYS carb ok). Even after cooling to the 40's, still nothing. The plastic bottles are as hard as all the other beers I've made. I'm assuming I did something wrong in the fermentation and/or brewing process since I used some grain too.
  9. I brewed an Oct fest using one can of Oct fest, one can of Golden Wheat and I did a partial with some Cara munich II grains for some body. I ended with a gravity of 1010. I fermented it for just under 3 weeks. I bottled it with 2 tspns of sugar. Now a month later, even though the bottles are very tight, the beer is basically not carbed at all. I've had them carbing for a month yet it still has not really carbed and it tastes rather flat as well as not much taste. Anyone have any ideas what I may have done? If there's anything at this point I can do to help it? thx
  10. A while back, many of the borg had problems with the 'new' spigots that were out......and they basically just fell apart. Mine did too (I was able to mostly save the beer that time). So I called Mr. Beer and they asked me to mail it to them and they'd send me another one. I explained I was concerned if it would happen again, that I know I wasn't the only one etc etc etc. Time passed (several months) and NO new spigot. So I called again a few weeks ago and they told me they didn't receive it (no, I didn't insure a $4 piece of plastic). I doubted it but what could I do so they said they'd send me another and I STILL don't have it. Anyone else have this problem? Or did you just figure it wasn't worth it? I'm just wondering. thx
  11. reduno

    White IPA

    Yes I like the bitterness and LOVE the hoppy aroma and flavor even more. I'm just hoping that it continues to have the hoppiness for more than a few weeks. I ferment for 3 weeks and bottle for 3, tasting a bottle at 2 weeks. I've found that on a previous batch of Double IPA, it had an AWESOME hoppy aroma and flavor too but sadly, after about it's 4th to 5th week in bottles, the hoppy taste was all but gone and replaced with a maltier beer. Not bad, just not what I wanted so I'm hoping this isn't the case as fast with the White IPA. Also, I may try to do the Double again with more hops at flameout. I know that hoppiness erodes over time so I just have to make bigger batches and drink faster. Whata problem to have, eh?
  12. reduno

    White IPA

    "Christ872" post=272151 said:Just breaking this down so I can read better: 3 Lb 3 oz Briess Bavarian Wheat LME 1 LB CaraVienne Malt 8 oz. Flaked Wheat 1 oz Cascade @ 60 minutes 1 oz Cascade @ 10 minutes 1 oz Sorachi Ace @ 5 minutes 1 oz Falconer's Flight dry hop 7-10 days US-04 Dry yeast =========== Is this a 5 gallon batch or a Mr. Beer LBK sized batch (2-to-2.3 gallon)?? This is a 2.5 gallon LBK batch. This batch is roughly 80% wheat...correct? I'm not sure as I don't know if the Cara vienne is considered wheat or not but this is a wheat beer.The 10min Cascade and 5 minute Sorachi are both for Aroma and the Falconer's Flight on the dry hop will also contribute aroma...no flavor hop? Looks waaaay heavy on the aroma end. Well the only taste I had was after 2 weeks bottled but based on that it was VERY bitter, surprisingly so and had PLENTY of the hops aroma that I wanted. IN fact, I think I like this better than the Double IPA I did recently that didn't have enough aroma/taste...I'm thinking about adding more hops if I do the double again, at flame out.
  13. Just thought I'd share this recipe with the Borg. I'm not near as experienced as most of you are but I'm learning every time I brew. I've decided to move away from the all extract brews and go with partial grain since I feel it's lots better tasting (head, retention, body etc) than extract and a tad bit cheaper too. PLus I get to have a lil bit of experimentation. One day I hope to go to all grain but until then, I've been VERY happy with my attempts. I've just tasted a 2 week sample of a White IPA I made with a recipe I got from our local brew store and I'm very happy with it, even though it's young. I'm hoping the hoppy taste stays a while and this doesn't get too malty too soon. Nicely bitter, with LOTS of hop flavor, dark amber color even thought it's called WHITE IPA. 3.3lbs of Briess Bavarian Wheat LME, 1 lb of Cara vienne, .5 lb of Flaked wheat, 1 packet of US-04 yeast, 1 oz of Cascade hops at 60 mins, 1 oz of Cascade hops at 10 mins, 1 oz of Sorachi hops at 5 mins and 1 oz of Falconers Flight hops dry hopped for 7-10 days. Sorry I don't have all the technicals for you guys but I've kinda stayed away from most of that stuff cause I find it takes some of the fun away for me If any of you try it, let me know what you think. I'll do a full taste test this week with my brother and some friends who will be honest with me. If it has good results, I'll likely stick with this over my Double IPA since it's easier to make and that one lost it's hoppiness after it was bottled for 5-6 weeks.
  14. I stopped in to see our local brewery supply store and asked the owner what he would suggest. He gave me 3 ideas (hefeweizen, a wheat beer and a blonde). My wife really likes Hefes so I went with that. Partial grain batch that I plan to brew this weekend as Father's day fun: 1/4 lb aromatic grain 1/4 lb cara-pils 1/4 lb white wheat 3 lbs bavarian wheat DME 1 oz Liberty pellet hops 1 packet Safbrew WB-06 yeast I likely won't be doing many more Mr. Beer kits as I like the grain versions better, it's cheaper for me and I'm not crazy about some of the after tastes I'm getting. That said, I hope to one day go to all grain because I'm finding that when I use DME and LME's, after about 6 weeks in the bottles, it starts to lose the hoppy flavors I like and taste maltier than I've meant them to be. These partial grain batches are kind of like a segway for me. I do have on hand 2 cans of MR. Beer Oct fest/golden wheat that I plan to brew in the fall, but I also plan to add some grains to that to give it a fuller, more bodied taste.
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