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  1. Thanks haerbob3 and Time Traveler. What about using the honey at bottling time? I was thinking about that too, that would give me the honey flavor intesnity what would that do to the body? What if anything wouold happen if the honey was used for carbonation?
  2. It has already been pasturized, but I'd be adding it to like the last five minutes of my boil anyway. Meant to type wildflower honey. Got it from my LHBS here in Norfolk.
  3. Good Evening to the Borg, SO I have an idea for a Honey Porter partial mash using the following ingredients: 2 cans ot the old Mr. Beer Black Tower Porter 16oz. U.S. two Row 4 oz. Briess Chocolate malt Dry hop 1/2oz. Glacier hops in Secondary 8 oz. Wild flower honey 1tsp. Irsh Moss The old Mr. Beer Fromunda yeast Expected measurements: O.G:1.060 F.G: 1.011 SRM: 23 Hopville has the IBU's at 27.1 but I'm pretty sure it would be higher. Final ABV: 6.5% I've seen a lot of other recipies out there but looking for a good long lagering time for this one. I also have one can of American Porter that I might make up to do a side by side comparision. SO let me know what you guys think. I haven't brewed it yet so let me know. Thanks :cheers: Doc
  4. I just saw this. I too use Hopville if you haven't found the answer in the Hops section of Hopville while your calculating or recalculating a recipe, it will give you an option to add, just type in MrBeer. For the hops addition it only gives you West Coast Pale Ale (pre Coopers stuff 22 IBU's). From there you just need to play around with either the amount of Oz.; A.A.; boil time or use. Typically I will play around with the boil time (0-10 min., depending on recipe style) or the A.A. (if you do the A.A. make sure you get it to 22) Hope this helps! Happy Brewing Doc
  5. Welcome to the Borg and Happy Holidays!
  6. Okay, so I'm getting ready to start brewing again after the holidays Anyone in Hampton Roads Virginia looking to get together or swap brews let me know. Happy Holiday's :chug:
  7. I would have a beer too, but I'm up early to drive back down to the new house. Glad to hear your doing good.
  8. So I got to look at the bottles and they are #1 PET. On another note, how is everyone doing tonight? As for myself, I'm good drinking my version of King's Nectar.
  9. Which is why I figured I'd ask. Plans changed so I'll know the answer to whether or not they are PET1 next week when we move.
  10. Sorry got busy with moving stuff yesterday. Answers to questions: They are full bottles of drinking water. right now I am talking about the Plastic PET bottles in regards to a secondary fermentation/ conditioning bottle, (one time use) Russki, I have to take some more stuff down to the house tomorrow, so I will look. Speaking of the PET plastic, aren't the LBK's PET2? So if they are PET1, they would be good
  11. So I am asking the Borg, the house we are moving into, my friends left about 10-12 full five gallon deer park drinking water bottles the kind you find at the water cooler. Anyone use it? Anyone use it in brewing and/or as a secondary? Just curious.
  12. Yep, I used to own a house in a town in southern VA. At one point it had two restaurants, two gas stations and a grocery store. The house was right across the street from the Methodist church, with rang the bells. Nearest big town was like 15 miles in either direction. Helped me appreciate small town America
  13. Well never thought of brewing that way, Has anyone ever tried using the 2.5 gal water jug? Thanks for sharing Mashani
  14. While I don't always get the dimple, I haven't had a problem with the Sam Bottles I use either.
  15. SO as the subject line says with me getting ready to move and everything else going on i was wondering if anyone has some in site on these two HME's. Because I plan on making multiple batches of both Jamaica Mon and my Honey Nut Brown and i am open to suggestions.
  16. Aw thanks guys you really do care! :blush: At least it's not that far away and there might be some good job prospects in Portsmouth, at least there is a bigger group of families there that have kids like my youngest ( medically speaking) So if I end up having to be shipped off some where, they have a solid support structure that we are ramping up down there. On another note, I've been busy in the past couple of nights I've made two LBK's of Smoky Irish read ale, one with US-04 and one with US-05 a Belgian Tripel and either two five gal brews or one five gal and another LBK 9 with room for maybe a lager. Got to get everything brewed and bottled that I want to drive down with us as opposed to with the movers. On another, another note: If any of you just happen to be down by the vietnam veteran's memorial on 5 Oct around 3PM, come on over to my retirement ceremony.
  17. SO Alas my fellow D.C. Brewers, I am saddened to tell you that come the 31'st of October I will be moving South to Portsmouth, where I will be setting up shop, squatting in a friends house while training for Paramedic, after which i will more than likely be going over Seas. Chris I have some of your bottles if you would like then back let me know.
  18. If I'm making something either with bits and pieces of leftover stuff or substituting ingridents I've taken to calling Cream of Bottom Shelf.....(COBS) Like Cream of Bottom Shelf Imperial Stout or COBS King's Amber Necklace (which is a King's Nectar mod, and Very tasty I might add)
  19. Hate it when that happens.
  20. Hope this helps: The Pumpkin Lager I made, I pureed the snot out of it with some water and LME, put it into the mix as is. I will say the longer it sits the less the pumpkin flavor is pronounced, but it is a very complex brew. both my O.G and F.G was very close to the original. For what it's worth.
  21. Reason Number 1 why I call this Cream of Bottom Shelf Blueberry Blonde, I'm out of Liberty but i do have .5oz.UK Fuggles.
  22. Beer Lord thanks, yes it is a big step and well worth it. Hoping the job comes along before too long as well. Getting close to retirement and I'm getting ansey.
  23. I tried it again but it doesn't seem to not want to work. So here it is in Text: 1# 3oz Mr. Beer American Blond Ale 1# 0 Munton Amber LME 0 15oz Blueberry Puree (goes in at secondary) 0 13oz Mr Beer Booster 0 8oz Briess Amber DME 0 4oz Briess Carapils 1TBSP Vanilla extract (also at secondary) Yeast: three packs of the old Mr. Beer yeast
  24. Weinhoffer, Welcome to the board. If you haven't brewed this yet here's mine: 1- Booster 2- WCPA 1- S23 Yeast 19-oz Pumpkin Pie Puree 1/2 cup brown Sugar Packed 2 1/2 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice O.G. 1.052 F.G. 1.014 Brewed: 11 April Bottled 9 May Opened the first bottle about a month ago, it has a kick. I have about four left out of 12 .5L, 2 1L, and 2 12oz bottles. I would go with KZ and use the HCCD. Good luck and Happy Brewing
  25. So We found a house, can't close on it till a month from now so tonight and tomorrow, i will be making beer. Here's the first one: Not sure why but the link thingy didn't work right; So here it is in Text: 1# 3oz Mr. Beer American Blond Ale 1# 0 Munton Amber LME 0 15oz Blueberry Puree (goes in at secondary) 0 13oz Mr Beer Booster 0 8oz Briess Amber DME 0 4oz Briess Carapils 1TBSP Vanilla extract (also at secondary) Yeast: three packs of the old Mr. Beer yeast
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