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  1. Ryjas welcome to the Board and welcome to the area. Yeah the LHBS in Falls Church is hit/ miss with service the Owner is kinda there but the other two guys are great! Yep small but if there is something out on the floor they might have something better in the back, oh and they will mill your grains for you too! I haven't gone to Jays new location yet but I know the original owner, (he moved down to NC) opened up his own Meadeary a few years ago, great stuff. Other places ( depending of where you live: All of these will ship: Annapolis Home Brew (Annapolis) Maryland Home Brew ( Columbia) Great store they will even let you brew in the back. The Flying Barrel (Frederick) There might be something down in Fredericksburg, but not sure. Gizmo: Sounds like we are in the same boat with moving and everything. I should be moving before October. Chris: Did you find that other bag of grain, I'll trade for a couple of bottles come Monday...
  2. So five weeks carbing and conditioning got the better of me, so I opened a bottle tonight, Dark Copper brown color, still a little young tasting still (probably from the honey) with an almond after taste, very little head. I'll give it a couple of more weeks and try again, though I'll let it warm up a bit before I open it.
  3. Having done two lagers. I'm not saying it's right or anything, but I have set them to carb in the bottle at room temp for the full two weeks and have had good results so far. I've been letting them condition at room temp too. Let them sit for a week in the fridge. No complaints yet and some "MORE PLEASE" from a few. Hope this helps. I will add that this is because I haven't have a dedicated Fridge or really cool room till now. ( Wife got me a small fridge)
  4. Um nope I meant October. Trying to buy a house, find a job, and have a retirement ceremony. Oh and driving up to Philly every Monday for my daughter medical appointments. I can do something in Aug, but I really wouldn't be the best at setting anything up though.
  5. Depending on where we do it, family is always welcome.
  6. Gizmo, I had their IPA3 a couple of months ago, my wife drank most of them I only had a couple, but from what I recall, Fabulous!!! Hey Christ, I'm a thinking it looks like you are being highly motivated to organize a get together. How able this: Oct 6'th (saturday)6-9?? PM Place TBD Let me know how that works for everyone on time/ date
  7. Thanks man. I'm hoping to find one soon or could end up on the street as it were come Oct when i retire.
  8. Sure how much for how much?? Liquid or dry? In other news, the house we were looking at the deal fell flat on the seller's face. So now we are looking else where. Anyone live in German town area??
  9. Sounds Great! I just broke mine version down to two LBK Sizes on Sunday, tasted great, Figure I wait another week or so before I bottle, not sure if I'm going to add Vanilla to it or not it tasted so good. I might have to make it my house standard Stout. I can't wait to hear what your tastes like.
  10. Forgot to update: Okay so my version the Wicked Wheat is wicked good, and gets better every week. Next time I make this I will make sure to have the right DME.
  11. Oh man, oh man. Got to see if I can find a sitter!
  12. I might be a bit darker I don't remember what I would rate it as without a handy dandy color matcher. Though the Witty Monk I made (not Expired), looks like a Blue Moon and tastes like it too! Got to get my hands on some more of that Thanks Chris.
  13. Yum Oysters! Though I would imagine an Oyster stout would be less oystery than say an oyster Pale Ale. Where is this place in Arlington, might have to check that out. Hey hilkertj thanks for sharing your mis-adventure. Not sure what is going on with my computer tonight though.
  14. Yum Oysters and Stout! Where is this place at in Arlington??
  15. Okay so I chased Flavor and I definitely got it. I also got a beer that tastes like pumpkin, smells like spice and can knock you on your but! I cracked open my tester bottle Saturday, still needs a little more time I think but manit surprised me.
  16. If your looking for style specific, check this site out: If your looking to see how the Galaxy goes, then I would say brew it and use the Galaxy ( I don't know about that one but that's because I have read/ done research about it.) And then report back, I bet there is a few here on the Borg that wouldn't mind hearing about it. But check this Site out out: http://www.byo.com/resources/hops/style Also check this thread if you haven't already: http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/18-advanced-brewing-techniques/87797-charts-graphs It's a GREAT resource for all things Brewing, so much so I've made it a Fav Happy brewing :cheers: Edite: Excuse any and all typos and blame it on the Pumkin Lager
  17. Sounds Great! I might have to try this again in the fall after we move and have settled ans after I retire from the Navy! Thanks again Time Traveler! ( Any typo's in this email blame on the Pumkin Lager :banana: )
  18. Photon, Use away. I 'm not sure if Galaxy would work but you could always try it out and share the results. What else are you planning to use with your brew?
  19. I am bottling this today, I added 8oz. Cocoa to it as well, Next time I will add 6 oz. But very satisfied with the way it turned out.
  20. I bottled this a couple of days ago. I thing I have learned from this little experiment, When adding fruit, use a strainer to catch all the seeds with. Other than that, the taste was amazing!! It will be a great little brew when it's finished, just in time for August, maybe a little sooner, but I doubt it.
  21. Sweet! Welcome to the Board gizmo! We're trying to come up with a plan for the next meet up.
  22. So when I pitched the yeast I pitched the Cooper's ale yeast along with two packets of Mr. Beer Yeast. I originally put it in the hall closet (which is carpeted) Later that evening, I moved it to the Brew cabinet (which is a good thins since it over flowed that night. Since then, I did a Grav check on Thursday night, it still has a ways to go but it is going to be a wonderful brew. Question is since Primary ferment has settled should I move it to secondary or keep with my original plan and keep it in the primary bucket for the next week and a half?
  23. Time traveler, I just bottled this yesterday and I will say I'm impressed. We didn't have Hazelnuts in the house so I went with Almonds/ almond Extract and some wood chips, it made for a very nice smooth flavor at bottling time, Now I'v got to wait for Conditioning. Wife liked it too! I think next time I'll try the Fuggles and the S-04 and see how it comes out compared.
  24. We are buying in Kemp Mill Section of Silver Spring :cheer: I am hoping that we'll be settled in by the 15'th of Aug so maybe sometime after that, unless you all would like to do it sooner.
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