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  1. Well, We have a closing date of 16 July +/- a day. SO maybe I can talk Amy into a house warming Party of sorts First part of august.
  2. You can also check out this handy link I've been eyeing once I move: http://morebeer.com/search/103560/beerwinecoffee/coffeewinebeer/11_Beers_Under_50%C2%A2_A_Beer There's ten beer's among them the Amber Light Ale. They all five Gallon Extract Kits and all but one are under 25 bucks.
  3. Okay so I made this today, measured O.G. came out to 1.082, this thing smells good with just the right amount of Hops that I didn't need to do a hop boil. Though I did add some Kent Goldings in for a dry hop. The current plan is to let this sit in Primary for three weeks, add the Cinnamon and Chocolate at secondary for three weeks then bottle. This will be the beer served at my retirement ceremony in October. What do you guys think??
  4. I've done the same thing with a True Brew Kit I got for Belgian Ale. Haven't brewed it yet though, I should to get it fermented, and bottled before Aug.
  5. Yep keep it cool, and you will be very pleased. Definitely jealous though, I should have gotten more than one of it.
  6. Great news Rabbit! Good Luck!!!!! Hoping that your ideas for BOP goes well i really like the idea.
  7. I would but trying to put all energy to buying a house and finding a real job. Unless we did a BBQ somewhere? Would all be up for that.
  8. i remember that one now. Inspired me a little to make mine. I am hoping for that same nutty taste with a hint of the honey.
  9. I actually didn't have any US-o4, I thought about using some S-33 I have but in the end I threw in four packs of Mr. Beer Yeast. Got lots of that on hand I should have called it Bottom Shelf Honey Nuts though. Hops wise, it's what I had and I did a lot of reading on it and they seemed good. Time Traveler how long ago did you brew this?
  10. @Kealia, I use Hopville, still haven't been able to get QBrew to work right for me so it's 1#3oz for a can of HME/ UME, and my O.G. came out just right. Which surprised me. In a good way. @ Smoking Tony, I was originally going to make a weiss, but his wife can't do wheat, but I have a Dunkelweiss waiting in the wings.
  11. Yeah I missed adding the IBU HME, but if I added Molasses to it when I add the Hazelnuts and moved it to secondary, you think it would get it to Strong Scotch Ale. Looking at styles it would get me there. That and let it condition for like an extra month or so.
  12. Interesting!!!!! I thought my O.G. would be off a bit but not that much for style. I didn't notice that before. Well I fixed it and now for style, what would it be? Strong ale?
  13. So here's the recipe I came up with to use the above LME's in: http://hopville.com/recipe/1414296/russian-imperial-stout-recipes/bottom-shelf-imperial-stout WOuld like the Borgs input. @ KOKOMO Sam, You might recognoze some of the ingridients.
  14. SO tonight I'll be putting into the fridge one of my sample six packs which has my version of this. I'll let update at the end of the week.
  15. K9 Thank's for the advise I was a little concerned with two, so I will try one. I was originally going to use extract but my wife reminded me about the beans I got her last time I was in Dubai that are in the freezer. Oh hey CONGRATS on making BOM!
  16. I made this recipe up over the weekend, I hope the Borg enjoys: http://hopville.com/recipe/1384120/northern-english-brown-ale-recipes/honey-nut-brown-ale Plan is to keep this one in the LBK for the whole three weeks and not add anything because we ran out of Hazelnuts, tasted really good. See what it's like at bottling time. :cheers:
  17. SO I have a buddy who loves Dunkel's so last week I put this in the LBK, According to BJCP guidelines this was spot on: 1 3 Mr. Beer Octoberfest's Vienna Lager 1 3 Mr. Beer Creamy Brown UME 0 12 Mr Beer Booster 0 6 Muntons Plain Dark DME 0 4 Briess Carapils 0 2 Molasses Batch size: 2.5 gallons O. G.:1.056 measured (1.055 estimated) Final Gravity 1.013 Color 16° SRM (14° SRM estimated) hops boil 35 mins 0.5 Tettnang boil 20 mins 0.5 Tettnang boil 10 mins 0.25 Tettnanger boil 5 mins 0.25 Tettnanger post-boil 1 min 1.0 MrBeerWCPA HME 22.4 IBU BU:GU 0.41 yeast Brewferm Lager Dry Yeast 5.6% ABV / 4% ABW misc secondary 11 days 1 tbsp Oak Chips info secondary 11 days 2 ea. Vanilla Beans Got it sitting in the cooler at around 46F and happily fermenting away. Any suggestions since I haven't gotten to secondary yet.
  18. Man that sounds good! Might have to make that some day, don't forget to take a picture.
  19. I'll let you know how that goes.
  20. Chris, Added the Puree yesterday and transferred the wheat into it. Before that I drew a sample of the wheat, tasted great, added the wheat, tasted even better. Now I'll give it another 10 days to bring both flavors together. Probaly going to be my favorite wheat I have made so far. :cheers:
  21. That was my problem with both of the web sites ( Cooper's and Munton's) Neither specified what hops they used. I was hoping the Borg knew for sure but then again, even the Old Mr. Beer HME's didn't specify what hop's were used. I was planning on using them in a five Gal Batch I was going to make and wanted to figure out if it was going to come out funky.
  22. It's the Cooper's Hopped Stout can, I tried looking on the site to figure out what hop is used (other than Pride of Ringwood.
  23. Quick question: I have a can each of Munton's Dark Hopped Malt Extract and Cooper's Stout Kit? What hops are used if anyone know's I'g greatly appreciate it.
  24. I was going to use the Oregon Black berries which is 15 Oz. and just blend the snot out of it. I was going to add it initiallt as part of the late boil but didn't wnat to lose the flavor, so I've opted for adding at Secondary. Due to my schedule there will probably be an additional 3 days added to the Secondary Fermentation. +1 for an exchange.
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