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  1. "Christ872" post=251946 said:I did this...but I replaced the Creamy Brown UME with a 3rd can of Oatmeal Stout. I believe I bottled that about a week ago or so and it had a wonderful creamy chocolate taste to it. You'll do just fine with putting the Creamy Brown in there. That ought to be really good. Sounds like that should be my next Stout creation, a nice creamy chocolaty stout. For each of my recipes, how much Carapils should I use, what if anything would that do to ABV, taste and color I understand are neutral since this is my first time using it.
  2. Thanks for the tips. I'll have to look at the Yeast Packet again, I might not have read it right!
  3. Thanks Brother that is good advise. Just got to keep the :stout: Loving wife out of it for that long. If i can't, I'll come home from work to this: :drinking: LOL
  4. Wish I had more SAAZ, might have to wait till the end of the week to get more But i would give that a shot.I'm using up all the booster I have over the next few batches, till it's all gone and then I'll start using DME. I just don't like throwing stuff out. With regard to Recipe#1, can I use Lager yeast as long as I can keep it in temp I've found a spot that I can do that with. Trollby, Just saw your post.
  5. Wish I had more SAAZ, might have to wait till the end of the week to get more But i would give that a shot.I'm using up all the booster I have over the next few batches, till it's all gone and then I'll start using DME. I just don't like throwing stuff out. With regard to Recipe#1, can I use Lager yeast as long as I can keep it cool?
  6. #3 is our house selection my wife can't get enough of it as is. I don't really want to change that one. @vmaxept: When you say True Lager what Yeast did you use? Wasn't use about adding Hops to ADIPA. I'm not a HUGE fan of Bitter's I like the hops for flavor/ Aroma, so I should lower the boil time or keep it at 15 minutes? Hops is still kinda new to me, so I'm still learning
  7. +1 with what BPGreen said. If the can is dented, bulging, or what we call springing ( you push in one side and it bulges out the other) I wouldn't even open it. Call me an OCD Public Health Official. Once i figure out what brew to put it in, I'll let you guys know what I did with them and how it turns out.
  8. SmokeDiver3zero, Wow that makes me feel a lot better. @Joe, If I use the Fromunda for this, I'd use about three packets, but I will definitely look at the yeast dates.
  9. Thanks guys, Trollby What kind of hops?
  10. so here's my next three batches, please offer up any suggestions or comments: OPTION for all recipes: How much Carapils should I use, these are all LBK batches. RECIPE#1 ABBEY DUBBEL 1- OVL 1- Creamy Brown 1- Booster 1/2oz- Saaz Hops(.25 for 15 minute boil/ .25 dry hopped) 1- Safbrew 33 Options: 1/2 cup Brown sugar or molasses ( more for flavor than ABV) 1 tea spoon Almond or vanilla extract 1oz. French Oak wood chips 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg or Coriander. Recipe#2 American Devil IPA 2- ADIPA 1- Pale Export 1- Booster 1- Yeast Safale US-05 Options: 1- Hallertau Hops (.25 for 15 minute boil/ .25 dry hopped) 1- Tettnanger Hops(.25 for 15 minute boil/ .25 dry hopped) Recipe#3 Chauffeur Red Ale 1- Bewitched Red 1- Mellow Amber 1- Booster 1oz.- Tettnanger Hops (.50 for 15 minute boil/ .50 dry hopped) 1- Yeast Safale US-05 Though my wife just moved the Sauerkraut out of the fermentation cabinet so I might just do another batch, in which case I might do: Recipe#4 Jamaica Mon 1- Classic American Blonde Ale 1- Mellow Amber 1- Booster 1- Yeast (not sure which one though might just have to be 3-4 Fromunda) Options: (this one I'm all ears for: Rum Vanilla Hops Grapefruit or orange extract
  11. Greetings unto the :borg: SO I picked up two cans of WCPA from I guy I got two LBK's from and they are expired, one is expired since Jun 2011 and the other is July 2011. Should I use them, both cans are in good shape no dents and no rust, should they be used in beer or as target practice?? :evil: :evil:
  12. :stout: I finally got to bottle it today, nice and mellow F.G. 1.024. And had that nice warming feeling in the belly after drinking the hydrometer sample. There wasn't a whole lot of krausen, but there definitely was a lot of trubb!
  13. I got to bottle this tonight. It came out a little darker then hoped for but the taste was a little spicy and the smell was lemony. I normally carb with the Cooper's drops but tonight I used granulated sugar. So we'll see in the next few weeks how it turns out.
  14. Bottled mine yesterday after 3 1/2 weeks, I'm gonna call it Wing and a prayer Imperial Pilsner since the temps got up. Though my final sat at 1.012 and it tasted really good, I think I'm gonna let this one sit for a month.
  15. I have used the Cooper's tabs four of my last batches. For the 1/2 liter bottles I've used 1 1/2 and for the one liter bottles I used 2 1/2. No bottle bombs and no cidery taste. and their easy to use. Hope this helps
  16. Yeah but there's no rush on getting it back just yet, I've got to find another 12 pack of them, so hold onto it till we meetup again and bring something in it :laugh:
  17. Sorry Guys, i missed this. No the 1776 Ale was good to go, I actually drank my last one today, it mellowed out very well, so much so that my last big bottle of it was drank yesterday while my wife used the Guinness to cook the Onions with Also, The only one I haven't had yet was the Stout, I just put that in the fridge tonight ( Do you guys want your bottles back) The Rip Tide Red Mod1, was very tasty, hoppy at first and almost had an orange flavor in the finish.Is that a Mr. Beer Recipe, I might just have to try it out. The IPA, I had opened that warm( and kept that one for myself) The Winter Ale, was great! Was that the Seasonal from Last year?? Looking forward to more get together's
  18. Yep i got the riptide red. Unfortunately, the bag I had them in, tipped over and got left in the car till Sunday afternoon, so they're all sitting upright to allow for settling again. So it might be next week till I can put them in the Fridge but I've got beer still so it's all good. Anybody have mine yet??
  19. Oh and thanks for posting the pictures TOO!
  20. Sounds good to me. If we're looking at summer time for the next meet up may I suggest an IPA, or a Belgian?
  21. +1 here, great time and always enjoyable meeting up with those of like mind. Sure i'd be more than willing to help with a collaboration. :cheers:
  22. I'm a week or so into brewing this, am i missing something with this D-rest you speak of what is it?? When should I do it?
  23. That sounds like GREAT news. Especially since my wife and Mother-in-Law are Really, Really into Lemon. Got another two weeks or so before I bottle, but honestly can't wait. Good thing that I've got school work to finish for this semester. Thanks for the heads up!
  24. Awesome! It's been a while since I made a Cyser, thinking I should blow the dust off my cyser recipe :banana:
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