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  1. lol - reallY? you're just barely ahead of me. Lemme guess - it was from the youngest guy in the group, right? I tell ya, these whippersnappers just don't show enough respect to us "seniors".
  2. Don't worry, Tom - It won't be the last time. - Actually, ac few people bailed - I think because of the heat, so it was a good one to miss, as far as social groups go. The Heavy Seas offerings were pretty impressive, I must say. Heavier, to be sure, but I really liked their Plank, Black Pils, doppel bock and triple bock. Four Roses bourbon was nice, too. Four Roses are coming back 11july (with either their small batch or single barrel - I forget which) and Raven Brands are the brewery. I'm tentatively hoping to hit that one. Best, Mason
  3. I've got a small group of friends doing the Croxley's + Idle Hands routine again this Wed night. Tom + gang: feel free to join us!
  4. Ditto, Tom. Thanks for coming out - I appreciate you taking time to share what you've learned with greenhorns like me. I liked the Porter, but overall I wasn't blown away by the Narraganset offerings - at least you also got to try one of the Breckenridge brews they had two weeks back - they were more in line with what I expect from a tasting I can't make the next couple, but GreenFlash Brewing on 21 mar looks appealing. Maybe we can get Dave and some others to c'mon out. After all that beer and bourbon, three of us even managed to get up on stage and do some improv comedy. Liquid courage, call it. Mason
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