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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the info folks. :chug:
  2. Okay thanks guys. As for the other topic: The "other" beer kit I will re-visit it. I had skimmed it initially and assumed it was referring to Coopers the whole time. :pinch: So possibly buying there refill and just using it as DME to prime my batches would work? Or no because they have added hops and it might put off my flavors? Thanks again guys, this is why I love this forum. So much knowledge and fast replies.
  3. http://www.beermachine.com I was wondering if anyone has tried this out. It looks simple enough, I'd assume you can also make Mr.Beer batches in it, and you can carbonate it and serve as a draft very easily. Just asking because there is a place here going out of business and they could be had for quite cheap. I was considering just putting my finished batch of Mr.Beer in here to Carb it and drink draft style, or use it as intended as an extra fermentor. Now I am a very novice brewer and I may not think of the same things you guys will. So before you rip me a new one let me know why at least. :laugh: :chug:
  4. Oh I wouldn't let this or anything discourage me I'm sure. I already had 3 other fermentors on the go. I've also cleaned this fermentor and filled it with the Chocolate Covered Cherries Recipe.
  5. Well it is certainly messing with my head. I went and bought some sani-brew to clean from now on but since it is bleach based I'm worried about that one too. I also check my bottles regularly because I'm worried they will explode. I didn't over prime for sure and it was in the LBK for 3 weeks so I shouldn't worry but I do haha. Thanks again everyone for the reassuring words.
  6. Also I may not be out of the water with this one just yet. I hadn't read the cleansing portion yet and washed my bottles with mild dish soap then let them dry. I sanitized them normally but will this possibly affect my beer?
  7. It's not recommended to lager this beer?
  8. The pipeline has commenced indeed. I have 3 other fermentors on the go with basic booster batches of Whispering Wheat, High Country Canadian Draft, and West Coast Pale Ale. What is the verdict on cold crashing? I've done 3 days and I think it's fine. I just put it in the fridge though didn't really monitor the temp. Also now I have to do my bottling research. I had planned on priming with the screwy brewer's calculator but the process after the fact is what I was unsure about. Bottle, prime, roll, store, .......??? Check if hard? then what? Do I just wait 2 weeks and hope they don't explode? Ash
  9. Well they make it sound like I am some computer hacker. I just placed an order and that is what happened so I assumed the company had it set up as such. I guess I shouldn't have shared my good fortune on here. If it makes them feel any better they didn't ship me the package of no rinse cleanser that was supposed to come with my seasonal Imperial Pilsner. Guess we'll call it even. Haha :silly:
  10. Well thanks to everyone for the support. I'm bottling this batch tomorrow and after a few days of cold crashing I gave it a little taste. Even though it was flat I could tell it tasted great. First batch was a success. Now to make sure I don't make any bottle bombs and waste any. Cheer. Ash
  11. Hello CreativeWoody and welcome to the forums. As a fellow Canadian and new brewer I noticed the same thing when I placed my order with Mr.Beer. But If you order over $150 or so you get free shipping. That was my experience on my first(and only so far) order anyways. I was in the same spot as you looking at huge shipping costs so I figured I'd add a few more items while I was at it and then saw no shipping charges. I was sure happy to get more items and still pay less overall. Also I prefer to order from Mr.Beer because the ingredients you get are fresh. I had bought some refill kits on sale without knowing about the expiry dates. Some of the stuff on Amazon could be the same. Hope this helps. Where are you from by the way? I'm in Victoria, BC. Cheers, Ash
  12. Will there be a change in taste when priming with honey vs sugar?
  13. mnstarzz13 wrote: RDWHAHB - welljust RDW and HAHB in a month or so sounds like all is well. I'm new here but I'll guess that means relax don't worry have a home brew?? I would but this is the first batch. Haha
  14. The hydrometer is coming with the new yeast. :cheer: Yeast was pretty old but the HME had just expired. The temps have stayed between 67-70 degrees between morning and night and there is trub in the bottom of the fermentor. I just assumed there would be much more foam initially and that it would stay longer. Maybe there is hope. Thanks for the quick replies. Edit** Also it has been in the LBK for 1 week so far and I was going to wait about 2 more.
  15. So I am worried that my first batch will be bunk. I know for a fact that I used older yeast and HME but I pitched extra yeast in hopes of some success rate. That is why I suspect the FAIL but also because it really didn't foam at all. I followed the directions perfectly and stirred it up after pitching the yeast and letting it sit for a bit. There was less than half an inch of foam for the first couple days and now it is clear. Is it a waste? Can I save it by adding some yeast from my LHBS, or if I open my fermentor is the batch done? Either way it was good experience and I have new yeast on the way. Oh and it is a basic booster recipe of Octoberfest Vienna Lager except I pitched two packets of supplied Mr.Beer Yeast. Thanks in advance.
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