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  1. I was talking about the Cloves but I'm going to do the same thing with the hops. Question, how do I sterilize the cloves before adding to the fermenter? boiling?
  2. So, I went the Canadian Blonde + Smooth UMH + Saaz Hops, the canadian blonde came with and pale UMH, and I'm wondering, should I add that too for an ABV a little higher? About the cloves I'm thinking about adding it to the fermenter [in a muslin sack] since I'm going mostly for the aroma, would it work?
  3. The American Lager is not available at the time so, I talked to the brewing support and they recommended canadian blonde with a smooth lme and the saaz hops. They told me to add the species in the water and boil and leave in the wort. I think im gonna add the cloves in fermentation since Im interested more in the aroma than the flavor. Anyways, how should i add the hops? boiled or dry hopping? I dont like my beers too bitter... thanks for all the feedback
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about brewing a Spiced Winter Ale for my next Mr Beer batch, I've been reading online about the recipes and so far I got the spices figured out but I need help with the quantities. I'm going for the regular 2 gallon batch and going for the Patriot American Lager Deluxe Refill No chat available today, so do I need 2 cans of that? also, I'm gonna use Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg and Orange Peel, quantities I'm gonna go for 1/2 tsp each previously boiled in water. All help appreciated. :chug:
  5. I'm trying this and this is what they told me to do with the hops: NOTE: BE SURE TO SANITIZE YOUR HOP SACK ALONG WITH ALL YOUR OTHER EQUIPMENT. Place pellet hops into the hop sack and tie it closed, then trim away excess material. Add hopsack to 4 cups of water and bring to a boil then remove from heat. Place lid on pot and let sit for 5 minutes before adding other ingredients to make the wort. Leave hopsack in the keg during the fermentation. Continue brewing process per your instructions.
  6. Ok, I'm going to move the LBK and keep an eye on it, thanks
  7. BigPapaG wrote: Put a wet t-shirt around the LBK, rotate a couple of ice packs along the sides and try to get down to 68*F. You may need the rest of that package of yeast if nothing is happening 24 hours after cooling it down. Should then I move the LBK to a place where 68F is constant? Right now is in my closet since I'm trying to keep it out of direct light... I have the other half package in the freeze if I have to add it I'll have to let it rest and stir vigorously again?
  8. ukrazy wrote: The whole pack wouldn't be too much for a Mr.B batch, but you'll only need about half of the pack. I keep half packs taped shut and in the fridge. Should use it within a week, they say. I've gone two weeks and it worked fine, but I'd not wait any longer than that. I try to plan two batches for the same yeast strain about a week apart. Since the package is 11.5g and both the package that comes with the HME are 2g each I used a little less than half package, what I'm worry about is that I haven't seen a lot of real action, is bubbleling really slow to almost non, the bubble layer is really thin (did it on saturday) should I be worried? When did the WCPA there was a really thick layer. My temperture is between 78-80, too hot?
  9. Gymrat wrote: Are you using plastic bottles? If so are they getting harder? What you might be seeing is trub forming from the fermentation process rather than sugar. If you are using glass bottles, which in my own experience cause the beer to carbonate faster, go ahead and open one up and see how it pours. I always try my first beer a week in. I'm using the plastic bottles that came with the kit, I went and touch them and they're actually pretty hard, is such a relief. I'm going to wait for the complete 2 weeks in 3 days and put one in the freeze to see how it comes out. Thanks for the input!
  10. I'm on day 11 of bottling my WCPA just to find out the sugar is sitting in the bottles.... Is this normal? what should I do? I let it ferment for 2 whole weeks before bottling...I'm scared it wont carbonate.
  11. I'll be brewing my 2nd batch tomorrow, the Oatmeal Stout, for better results i bought dry yeast Safbrew S-33 it says 11.5g show I used the whole thing in my 2 gallons batch? I know the ones that come with the can are only 2grams, it's theres something like too much yeast? Also, if only using some, can I preserve the rest and how? Thanks
  12. Abqu wrote: Read this. And while you're busy soaking up knowledge, read this too. I just read the first post, really useful information, Im gonna continue reading and learning, thanks!
  13. bpgreen wrote: julypena wrote: Nice webpage! Also, I was wondering, the best way to do it is adding the sugar to the bottle, but theres most be another way, for larger batches and such, maybe adding to the fermentor and bottleling right away? no stirring? Don't add the sugar to the fermenter. What you're alluding to is batch priming. Boil the sugar for the full batch in about a cup of water. Let it cool. Add it to an empty sanitized container. Rack the beer into this container in such a way that you swirl the liquid around and get the sugar evenly mixed (some people fill the container halfway, then add the sugar, then add the rest) and bottle from there. Yeah! That's exactly what I read somewhere here and what I wanted to do...
  14. BigPapaG wrote: julypena wrote: Thank you guys you just saved my beer, I'm going to carbonate as instructed Ola julypena... Screwy Brewer as a website with a number of good calculators (thanks Screwy!) This should give you some help in deciding how much sugar to use to prime for carbonation... http://www.thescrewybrewer.com/p/brewing-tools-formulas.html Nice webpage! Also, I was wondering, the best way to do it is adding the sugar to the bottle, but theres most be another way, for larger batches and such, maybe adding to the fermentor and bottleling right away? no stirring?
  15. Thank you guys you just saved my beer, I'm going to carbonate as instructed
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