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  1. "Kealia" post=389927 said:I will say that I don't bottle/keg after the first gravity reading, even if I think it's a terminal gravity. The yeast still do need time to clean up all the fermentation byproducts, but there is no reason that it can't happen quickly if all of your elements are under control. And I'm not advocating that a brewer on his second batch should check gravity at 7 days and plan to bottle - just that as you (generally speaking) progress with your brewing you shouldn't be afraid to revisit your timelines. the only gravity readings i take are start and finish.and as a new brewer i was impatient,but as ive grown, ive come to know when the yeasties are done and when to go on to the next step.just my 2 cents :cheers:
  2. i agree,i dont think ive ever let one sit in primary more than a week. i dont take gravity readings for 3 days to see if its done either.once the foam cap falls down into the wort i either put it in secondary to clean up some more or i bottle or keg it.
  3. congrats and hide your credit card, now the spending begins!!! :cheers:
  4. "teutonic terror" post=363778 said:I have to agree with Dave here. In order for me to get a solid 5 gallons of wort, I have to boil around 7.5 to 8 gallons, depending on the amount of grain. I have a 40 qt Aluminum pot and the boil off rate is approximately 1.5 gal p/hr. My electric stove won't hardly boil 4 gallons so, I have to use an outdoor propane burner. An Aluminum pot is very economical, as far as dollars to volume. Also, go larger than you think you'll ever need, or you'll constantly be upgrading! Don't "climb the ladder"! :cheers: agreed here,i climbed the ladder and now have 3-4 pots i dont really use. i just recently bought a heavy duty alum 10 gal pot off amazon for $30-$35. and it works well for me,i dont really have to worry about boil overes in this thing!! :cheers:
  5. im new at yeast washing also,i made a starter yesterday for a brew im gonna do this coming sunday. i did 1400 ml of h2o to 1 cup of dme,took my washed yeast out 3-4 hours before i needed it then pitched it. checked it this am before work and it was going to town!! maybe a week out did did your in, i dont know,like i said im new at this also. oh and i will let it sit in the fridge until sunday. im sure that was no help,just wanted to share how i did it. :cheers:
  6. i try to let mine sit at atleast 70 deg to condition,but thats what works for me and at 2 weeks they usually have nice carb to them.
  7. "Beer-lord" post=362285 said:What no dry hop? It's going to have a great aroma with nice, late additions. I've not used Warrior in a long while but Magnum is a great bittering hop. And to me, anything with cascade and centennial is a worthy IPA. i kinda thought 5 oz of hops might be good???? lol its gonna be hard to wait for this one to fully mature :think:
  8. "Beer-lord" post=362272 said:Looks great! Spill the beans. What's in it? 12lbs pale ale malt 1lb caramel 40 4oz caramel 80 1oz us magnum (60 min) 1oz centennial (15 min) 1oz cascade (15 min) 2oz warrior (0 min) wyeast 1056 made a starter mash 152 deg fror 60 min mashout 170 deg or 10 min batch sparge
  9. sound yummy,got a recipe to share?? :charlie:
  10. just courious, when i was doing 5 gal extract they came out cloudy til i started using irish moss,just cause i didnt have room to cold crash a 6.5 gal bucket,and it cleared them up.im sure if i could have been able to cold crash it would have worked out the same. and maybe thats why i love home brewing so much,you learn something new all the time.
  11. i posted that pic for the clarity of it, will post another when i pour one to see how clear it comes out
  12. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=362241 said: when do these basic kits you do not need any fining agents because you are not doing a boil. Palmer says that you do not need to use any fining agents in extract brews so I agree with this. Cold crash that SOB for 3 days and bottle it. what size extract batch is palmer talking about ?
  13. i brew 1-2 times a month, i finally broke down and got a 10 gallon pot to accomodate the 6-6.5 gallons of pre-boil wort and it takes about 5-6 hours including set up and clean up. IMO i like all grain 5 gal batches but it takes time.between brwing and 2 small kids,its a looooong day!! brew on!! :cheers:
  14. "Gymrat" post=362211 said:I have my lights on a dimmer. I turn them way down when watching my movies. I never see any haze in my beer at all. after 3 or 4 or 6 who cares anyway!! :gulp: cold crash and youll be good.im drinking a cloudy ber now and taste the same to me.
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