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  1. Christ872 wrote: I have 4 LBKs and 3 of the 5-gallon ale pales. The 4 LBKS are usually always in rotation and it really just depends on my mood as to when I do the 5-gallon one. I usually always have the 4 LBKs going. But I just bottled 2 and today I am doing one of the 5-gallon pales. My wife gave me a recipe for the ALASKAN AMBER " Where did your wife find the Alaskan Amber recipe? I was at their brewery in the capital yesterday. "Juneau for you lower 48's," anyway they have many good beers that don't get the travel down south such as their pilot series. Go online to read about it. Also since your thinking of Alaska check out Baronof island Brewing or to make it easy search for Sitka brewery. very tasty beers for a very new and small brewery!
  2. Good tip, I went out and looked again at the temp and must have misread the number. Seems to be solid at 55F. Will have to check in the am. It is in an old root cellar that I converted for storing re-loading stuff. I have my boats golden rod and de-humidifier in this insulated room and it stays pretty consistent right now on the temps. This particular brew I gave it 24 hours indoors at 65F and then moved it out to where it is now. Seems to have gave it a good start.
  3. Brewed the I-Pils a few days ago about 4 to be exact and it has a mountain of Trub. 3/4 of an inch at about 58F. Very impressed with this one.
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