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  1. Sorry, I kind of skipped out for awhile after initially asking my question. So now a little feedback based on my brew...will be applicable to the last post in the thread also, except probably a bit late now. So, as originally posted, I used one can HME and one can UME. Then I added one can of fruit immediately and one can at around the 1 week mark. Finally got a hydrometer, so based my bottle date on readings versus just leaving in the fermeter for 3 weeks...I think FG started holding steady at the estimated 1.013 around the 2 week mark...let it condition for a few weeks and it ended up pretty nice. Pours out with actually a tinge of purple-ish color to the head and is a quite smooth drinker. Little bit of fruit tartness on the finish. The wife really likes it, so that's the most important part.
  2. Trollby wrote: Just an FYI the WWW HME is not as hoppy from the ones I made. The extra malt and all the fruit might make it Very sweet. But is your beer, so try it how you want, if over sweet try it the recipe way and see if better. Duly noted. The 35 IBU of the double WWW Blueberry Thrill scared me off. I was attempting to err on the side of less bitter. Definitely a beginner here, so the thoughts of how the change might unbalance the rest of the equation didn't occur to me. Still excited to try it out though. Surely it will be better than the locally available blueberry offering....Wild Blue...
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. Yeah, my reading indicated that added immediately the fruit taste wouldn't carry through much...especially with the blueberry. So since the wife wants some fruitiness, I figured I'd try adding later for an initial run. If it's still "not enough", I'll probably be more likely to drink it. If it's "too much", we'll know for next time...
  4. Hey guys, first post I guess I should have asked before I placed my last order, but just thought I'd run my plan by everyone before starting. The wife wants something with Blueberry, so I thought I'd try the Blueberry Thrill. We're definitely not hopheads around here, so instead of the two Whispering Wheat HMEs I decided to go with one WW HME and one Golden Wheat UME. Planning on three weeks in the fermenter, adding the canned fruit puree about halfway through. Sound like a reasonable plan? If so, my real question revolves around yeast. I was going to pitch two standard packets of yeast. That sound okay even with adding the fruit later? Thanks for any input. I'm having a blast with all of this thus far.
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