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  1. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=377610 said:I think a gallon of water for one little MrB UME pack is way too much and they gravity won;t be right for good hops utilization. You're right, something in the neighborhood of 2 quarts should do the trick.
  2. "Baldmitch" post=376548 said:New brewer guy here! So, what's the difference between carbing and conditioning? Either way it's 4 weeks, right? Carbing is the time it takes for a beer to properly carbonate. Conditioning is the time it takes for a beer to age appropriately to an optimal drinking state. They're technically different, but for all intents and purposes the same thing. An uncarbed beer hasn't been conditioned right, and a conditioned beer is always carbed properly. Welcome aboard!
  3. It would probably help to know what your O.G. was before trying to hit a target F.G., but it's my experience that if you get to 1/4th of the O.G. then you've done pretty good. But if you're going solely off of the MrB product page, with a target OG of 1.063 and a FG of 1.006, that's nearly 90% attenuation, which is pretty crazy. Why would they put that on the product page if it were "crazy"? I can't explain it, but numbers relating to ABV have always been inflated.
  4. If you want a beer with more bitterness than the 1976 offers, then you could do a hop boil. However, the recipe is formulated to use the hops at flameout. So that's your call.
  5. "Ser Stein" post=376068 said:Both The Joy of Homebrewing and Homebrewer's Companion both strongly advise boiling HME despite MB's instruction not to do so. Here is an excerpt: Any thoughts on this? He's talking exclusively about unhopped malt extracts. Right or wrong, HMEs are often are excluded in the larger home brewing world.
  6. New item just hit Austin Homebrew, might be relevant to this: http://www.austinhomebrew.com/product_info.php?cPath=178_21_77_155_395&products_id=13782 Also, I believe the illegal part of making moonshine is in the distillation process and the taxes unpaid therein. Aging is more or less a moot point in the legality arena. Edit: I missed something vital in your OP, which is the link to the NB recipe. I thought you were making straight-up white dog, which obviously isn't the case. I apologize.
  7. "losman26" post=375382 said: "alb" post=375095 said:The current issue of Zymurgy magazine has an interesting article on how different yeasts affect the expression of different hops. It gets a little technical, but worth a read just to get familiar. Also a good article on blending yeast strains. http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/pages/zymurgy/current-issue I think it went into combining different yeasts as well, which is something I've gotta try. The article on yeast blending is more about adding 5-10% of one strain to cover the weaknesses of the main one you'd typically use. One example is adding something to the chico strain, because it has poor flocculation. The hops article that addressed the importance of yeast was so technical, there were parts I just skimmed over. You can only see phrases like "hydrolyzed glycolsides" so many times before your brain goes cross-eyed.
  8. If you're happy with the taste right now, and if you have the space to do so, I'd store them in the fridge. The other people responding are right that aging won't hurt it, but if you're happy, why chance it?
  9. Another believer in hop bursting. Probably the only way I'll go when brewing up a hop-forward batch.
  10. Abqu

    Tui beer

    I've never had Tui, but tonight I did have a Te'o beer. [attachment=10599]IMG_0967.JPG[/attachment]
  11. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=325093 said:How about the kind that don't come in ALL CAPS????? IF YOUR BEERS DON'T COME WITH CAPS YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME. Goose Island bottles are prone to breaking because of the shorter lip. The Sam Adams spring pack is out now, the beers in there are wide-ranging and the bottles are reusable.
  12. Walmart sells cookie sheets for $0.99 each. One of my must-use items.
  13. I made a simple Boysenberry Wheat beer, with some of the older ingredients. I added the berries late into the fermentation, to keep more of the flavor. To date, it has been the only beer I've dumped all of. And that includes the acetobacter batches. I kept trying it every four weeks, and it never turned the corner into good. My boysenberry disaster was the first step in pushing me to avoid using fruit in my beers except for garnish.
  14. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=320328 said:Ditch the booster. Drop honey to 1/4 cup or you'll be conditioning it for months. +1 to this.
  15. I had to wait quite a while for this one to condition when I made it about a year ago. I wouldn't chill the entire batch, but maybe one bottle at a time until you're sure the beer is finished cleaning up.
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