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  1. And mind you the 1.010 ( chocolate porter ) had a flat beer taste, which makes me assume its good to go. The 1.020 ( blonde ) was still slightly sweet
  2. Ya im assuming since weve been bashed with snow, it looked like within the past week the basement dropped to about 50 degrees. I've moved them upstairs, just give them a gentle stir to wake up?
  3. Im guessing my basement got too cold at one point, given the streak of icy weather we've had. Starting gravities were 1.052 and 1.042. Theyre down to 1.020 and 1.010 respectively, after about 3 weeks of fermentation. Will moving the jugs to a warmer climate be enough, or will they need more yeast?
  4. Consider part one answered. Aparently I missed the section in the other thread that stated the amount of cocoa nibs to use. Id still like information on coffee beer if anyone has any.
  5. Hi guys, been awhile since I've posted here, most of my brews have done well and have needed little tweaking, thanks to previous advice and help I've received from you all. I have a new question, though. i'm starting two new brews tomorrow, and upon looking up the chocolate porter information ( had no reviews / comments when I bought it ) it seems to have a bad track record for flavor. I went ahead and ordered a 1lb bag of muntons dark DME, to substitute for the brown sugar which seemed to give negatve results. As for the chocolate flavor profile, i was looking for advce. I've seen some suggestions to go with " chocolate nibs ". If I'm able to locate these, how much should I use? another option is a coffehouse porter ( I've become fond of BBC ). If I cannot find nibs this will likely be my backup route, which I know very little about. Either way I'd like some coffee porter info as well, as my new interest in BBC's will likely lead me to brewing it in the future. As always, thanks for your time and expertise!
  6. Hey all, So I made the Mr. Beer pumpkin beer, and it was ok. Compared to Jacko, its not anywhere on the board. Anyone have any good modifications to the Mr Beer pumpkin beer to give it a better, more full flavor?
  7. So Ive used liquid yeast in the past, and I recall after popping the pouch it expanding rather quick. Its been an hour and Ive seen no expansion, and yes the pouch is popped. My only worry is that it is summer, and the package was delivered on a warm day. I cant say how long it sat on my stairs before it came inside, and I know the yeast is supposed to be stored at a low temp. So, if it doesn't expand, should I use a dry yeast instead, or just go with it and it will be fine?
  8. So then the spare fridge sounds like a winner. Any objections packer? I typically ferment my brews for a full 3 weeks. Do the same with the lager?
  9. Interesting, didnt know that about lagers, so thanks for the heads up on using the whole pack. my basement is typically in the 55-60 range. I do have a spare refridgerator in the basement, that I could likely tweak to get in a 45-50 range. Would it be wiser to do that?
  10. Hey all, been awhile since I've been on the boards. Wanted to run a question by the more experienced members. Assembling two kegs today, one Octoberfestivus, one Pumpkin Weis. From past experiences, I usually pick up additional yeast, as it seems to help give a better ending product. I picked up 3 additional yeasts with my order ( had four batches in total ). The yeasts are; Bavarian liquid wb-06 dry us - 05 dry Now I know the Bavarian works well with Octoberfest. I expect to mix half the liquid in with the batch, along with the pre packaged can yeast. ( correct me if I shouldnt do that as well ). My main question is would the Bavarian liquid work well with the pumpkin weis as well? Id hate to throw away a half pack of liquid yeast, but then again, dont want to use it on the pumpkin if it'll throw it off too much. Thanks for the help in advance! kyle
  11. So Im headed out now to get spring water to start up my batches. I decided last night to do this with the Dutch Lager; TBM Dutch DME 1 MRB Wheat UME 1 Orange peel 1/2 tbs Corriander Seed (Crushed) 1 Cup Orange Blossom Honey 1 Cup Booster Sound like it works?
  12. So, I completed my first two batches about a week ago. I want to get those LBKs back to work, so Im brewing the two beers tomorrow; Alberts atomic altbier (Mine came with Mt. Hood Hops) TBM Dutch Lager, Round two. Any notes for the Alberts Altbier? Second, any ideas for the Dutch Lager? My first batch was Diverzero's 1 cup honey 1 cup booster recipe. As for extra ingredients I have sitting around, I have a can of Wheat UME, and 1/3 oz of Saaz hops (The other 2/3 oz will be used later for my abby dubbel, scheduled for october). Im totally down for some test ideas with the Dutch Lager, but I'm not sure what exactly to do with it.
  13. [attachment=7839]beeer.jpg[/attachment] I actually made two brews for my first batch (batches I guess ). The second one was the beer machine, dutch lager, using subzero's recipe. Absolutely fantastic. Very very clean taste. If anyone picked up the dutch lager, Id suggest giving zero's recipe a whirl.
  14. It tasted really good! I was worried about the cascade hops, as they tend to be the strong presence in IPA's ( I hate IPA's ), but the cascade hops had just a suttle tinge in the beer. I used orange blossom honey, which gave it that blue moonish effect. Overall I would make it again! Thanks for the good comments guys!
  15. A big thanks to all the experts that helped me accomplish this, as well as your patience for my novice questions. You guys are great! To all the new members, make sure to listen to these more experienced brewers; they really know their stuff! cheers!
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