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  1. you should really like this brew. I made it last thanksgiving....and it did not even last past new years. Kegs will clear up with more time.
  2. I have had experience with beer up to 8.8%abv with no issue. obviously this is a different beast. My plan is extract brewing it with potential steeping. It is in early stages so hops availability is my main concern now.
  3. "packerduf" post=349001 said:I added 1/2 lb DME to my first batch of Bavarian Wheat and, although quite good, it was still a little light in the arse (body). I added 1 lb DME to my second batch, but it's still fermenting - so no opinion yet. I made four different Mr. Beer mods one week ago, and only the Bavarian Wheat still has a rocky head of krausen. Hmmm. At least I hope it's krausen. :laugh: [attachment=12026]BWkrausen.jpg[/attachment] Looks very nice!
  4. "russki" post=349000 said:Amarillo and Simcoe have no substitutions; they have such unique flavor and aroma that there are no hops that come close. Having said that, if you are not set on an exact clone, you can use whatever hops you have available. 120 minute clone is quite an undertaking and a major time commitment. Pretty much the only way to pull it off is to start with an alcohol-tolerant yeast cake from a smaller beer, mash really low (147-148F), oxygenate with pure O2 multiple times, and do daily gravity checks and sugar feedings. Then once it's done, you will pretty much need to force carbonate since the yeast will be done. I would not even attempt an extract clone - it won't be fermentable enough to get to the proper FG. Read the tread that calledthestig posted - it covers pretty much everything you need to know. Good luck to you! Like a stab through the heart that was....lol
  5. "BlackDuck" post=348995 said:Here's a good hop substitution listing for you: http://www.brew365.com/hop_substitution_chart.php Thanks looks like my subs should be right then . Keep in mind, I am planning to do this as an extract brew and not all grain. I will be doing this in 3 LBKs, so I need to make proper calculations on that part of it. Not sure If I can even attempt this with the dextrose and hop additions for two weeks in each LBK with out major oxidization. Comments?
  6. I have brewed this Cerveza a couple times now. Did have a touch of after taste in the first batch, however, I always add lime to the brew when I drink it ( it is a corona after all ) Yes, the beer is darker than I expected too but there are so many factors that could be part of that I really don't concern myself personally with it. I would however try adding a half cup of lime juice into the boil if you try this recipe again. It does add a nice flavor to it and the aftertaste is negligible in my opinion. I currently condition my batches for a full four weeks then cold condition till I'm ready to drink these puppies. Cheers and happy brewing!
  7. Well I've done alot of reading on this topic. Dogfish is my favorite IPA bar none. Just piecing my recipe together but I have questions. Looooots of questions. From what I can gather, the 3 hops varities everyone suggests to use are not available through beergrains.com. (canadian here...eh) The varieties are Warrior, Amarrillo, and Simcoe. Would a combination of Cascade, Nuggett and Columbus be suitable substitutes? Thanks all.
  8. This will be the last post on this beer as I just cant stop looking at it. Its close to the one month mark on the one so cracked it open. The head retention is decent on this one and lacing is very solid on the glass. The aroma of the Honey is still apparent but not overpowering. Sip of the brew shows a good maltiness and nice hops notes. Honey texture has stuck with this beer nicely. Only thing I would reccomend on this one is to keep it fermenting at the lower end of your temp range (18C should be good) as this one gave me quite the noggin knocker the day after (drank a one litre bomber mind you ) Highly reccomend doing this one if you do not have an all grain set up. I think this was one of my best go's at it. Cheers all.
  9. Can totally relate to your post blue. I've been brewing like a madhatter since Thanksgiving after getting my third LBK. Up to about the same amount as beer as you and constantly reviewing new ideas with batches. Unfortunately there is nothing on the Sunshine Coast for a Homebrewers Club so this is as close as I'll get for time being lol. Glad you are having a tonee of fun and keep expanding your beer knowledge!
  10. "Jimjohson" post=333883 said:How to brew by palmer. also howtobrew.com + a million to this one. Such an informative book.
  11. ah the pride of the first beer. I still take pics to this day lol. Congrats! Now start buying more LBKs!!! Build that pipeline mister!
  12. "Screwy Brewer" post=341708 said: "Foothiller" post=341648 said:Putting a couple of CD cases under the spigot end is usually enough to prevent clogging, but hop sacks in the LBK can clog the spigot. I gotta say...this idea is brilliant and I have seen it in a couple posts now. Going to start doing this on my Chucklehead Lager to see it helps with the bottling.
  13. yes indeed...patience is a virtue in this hobby. The first three months are torture because you want to drink your green beer. Once you get the pipeline going it will be much easier to be patient.
  14. Nicely done! Ocktoberfest is one yummy brew. Just put mine in the LBK with some DME, brown sugar and cinnamon.
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