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  1. Have any of you guys noticed any gunk in the bottom of the LBK? I can't really tell is that because it is a dark beer?
  2. Funny, I just brewed this tonight, but I used sticky wickid oatmeal stout, one can of cherries and 1 1/2 ounces of bakers chocolate in bar form I did not have too much trouble melting the chocolate in the wort and it did not seem oily. Maybe it depends on the brand of bakers chocolate. prost, Ken
  3. Did you use the brown sugar during the fermentation phase by stirring it into the wort? - Ken
  4. You are absolutely right. I am going to take your suggestion. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I don't know. Part of me wants to say screw it and the other half wants to experiment. I don't know if the molasses will add too much extra carbonation or not.
  6. Brewers, Enthusiast, lend me your ears and give me advice. I am bottling the linebacker dopplebock today. I was thinking of using brown sugar instead of regular sugar to prime the bottles. I am using 16 oz grolsch bottles as well so I need 1 tsp for every bottle, would I just use the 1 tsp of brown sugar instead. Is it as easy as substituting them? Would I have to let them sit longer I was planning on letting them go for 4 weeks. regards, Ken
  7. Thanks, I think I will wait the extra week.
  8. Two weeks ago I brewed the linebacker doppelbock and I see a lot of gunk at the bottom of the LBK. I was thinking of giving it another week in the LBK. I'm looking for a little advice, but should I give it another week or is two sufficient to bottle it? Second, after bottling what is a good length of time to let it age in the bottle? Two or three weeks? This is a booster pack brew, so I am thinking two weeks is fine. For at et godt helbred, Bierbrauer
  9. It was colder than I thought it was going to be in my basement. I think it turned out alright, because I just had my wife's friend taste one and she liked it. so I think a crisis was adverted. prost, Bierbrauer
  10. I tried it after two weeks and it tasted sweet, so I let it sit an extra week and it tasted hoppy like beer and was dark. I has been sitting in bottles at room temp for about two weeks. I just put a few bottles in the fridge that I will try this weekend. Cheers, Bierbrauer
  11. I'll have to check it out this weekend. I'm going to put a few in the fridge. I am two weeks in LBK and two weeks in the bottles.
  12. I'll have to check it out this weekend. I'm going to put a few in the fridge. I am two weeks in LBK and two weeks in the bottles.
  13. I primed the bottles with sugar. And I did try one last week, it had a head and you could see the carbonation. It did not taste like water with flavoring, but it looked like a lager, not light like I think it should. cheers, Bierbrauer
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