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  1. I recently purchased a 3lb bag of Light DME, and some Culumbus and Cascade HOPS. I noticed many people use DME instead of Booster... I do have a few Pale & Wheat UME's and consider using the DME instead. Then I got to thinking... Embarrassing to ask, but... :blush: If I just use the DME and boil in the Hops (In some regulated way), then cool, dump in keg and use the MR Beer Dry Yeast.. Is that all I really need to make a beer?
  2. Thanks for your input. I will give it try and post a pick. If it doesn't stay split, no biggy, I'm sure it will still taste good together. Mashani, thanks for the additional explination as to why it does what it does. Funny as I did try the extra stout recently and it sank.... wasnt sure why.. still good. :borg: I'm in!
  3. Good Day, I'm fairly new to the MR Beer and so far I'm enjoying the experience. I have already completed 3 standard recipes (WCPA, Canadian Draft & Blonde) and have American Devil IPA conditioning, and fermenting 1776(even boiled the hops) and Blue Lightning. I would like to brew two batches at once to give me the ability to make a classic black and tan. I enjoy the classic Guinness Stout on top and Bass Pale Ale on bottom. I'm looking for suggestions on what 2 refills or recipes I should do to emulate each for good classic black and tan. Please Note: I'm not looking for a Guinness or Bass clone. I'm trying to understand the best 'MR BEER version' stout and Ale to use. Thanks!
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