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  1. Hello all, I am getting ready to brew my next batch and thinking about the bottling already, so in the instructions it says to use white granulated sugar but I have read that corn sugar is best for priming before bottling and I plan to get some and use that instead of the white granulated. So my question is: are the amounts shown for the sugar for priming for bottling the same no matter what sugar I use or will the amounts vary depending on the type??? Also going to try a priming solution instead of adding the sugar to the bottles themselves, is this a better way to do it??? Once again I have read that it is better than adding the sugar to the bottles. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, I am new to brewing and would like to get a couple good beginer books to read up on everything. Anyone out there know of any good beginer brewing books I can get??? Maybe some more advanced ones as well to read after the beginer?? Thanks.
  3. sweet, thanks for the info. didn't think about going on the live chat and asking lol.
  4. Hello all, anyone tried the honey brown ale recepie??? I am thinking of trying it next. My favorit bought beer is newcastle brown ale and this honey brown sounds like it may be similar, or am I way off. Thanks. Also how is the german hefe?? Just ordered that one. Thanks.
  5. alright, cool, thanks for the tip. I have a heff recepie on the way and needed to know how to clean my stuff before it gets here haha. Thanks again.
  6. Hello all, new to brewing and this site and excited to get started. I read that I should not use dish soap to clean the keg and bottles out after use. So what should I use???? I rinsed out the keg right after bottling with hot water but don't know what I should do from there. Thanks in advance for the info.
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